Full Circle (Again)

The start of this year was amazing. I couldn’t say that it isn’t amazing right now, but I will say that it has been trying as of late.

But God is just so good and so faithful to heed us and to minister to us when we call Him. When we seek Him, truly we will find Him.

I ended 2012 with a daily routine, a schedule printed out for me to follow. That involved me getting out of bed at 6am in the morning, no matter what. Just like my Dad used to do, only he got up at 5am. The Colonel needed more time in the morning. The first week of 2013 saw me adhering to the schedule I made to the best of my efforts. There have been deviations here and there, and I learned that the schedule needed to be tweaked every now and then. My hesitation to make the necessary changes was my first mistake.

The days that followed were trying. The famous chill in the morning that the city I live in is famous for began to influence my judgment, particularly in considering staying a couple extra minutes under the blankets in the morning. I got out of bed at 6:15… then 6:30… the worst time was 10 in the morning.

Since this irregularity began, I became inconsistent in other items on my schedule. I knew I had to make changes, but the laziness related to my sinful nature began to take hold over me again.

When laziness crept in… eventually other bad habits followed, and it took a toll on my relationships. I won’t go into detail on that.

But praise the Lord, PRAISE THE LORD, indeed! He is such a faithful and loving God. Those He loves, He corrects, and I have reason to believe that He loves Pao and I, because He corrected us, and He continues to work in and through us by the power of His Spirit.

Yesterday I made changes to my schedule. This morning I woke up to read the Word, and needless to say, I was blessed. I was humbled; The wisdom and grace God had for the Israelites so many centuries ago still holds true today, because I have seen Him work in my life, in the sense that I was reminded to keep my eyes on the Lord, and not on what I don’t have, not even on what He has blessed me with. I mean, it all starts with Him, and I give Him all the glory because He graciously led me back to Him despite all the deviations.

Father, thank You so much for loving me, and for chastening me! My life and every second that I live is Yours, forever! In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray, amen! Thank You Jesus!

I’d like to elaborate on what I read in my next post. God bless you! God bless us all!

Shared in http://jibee.blogspot.com/. יהוה bless you!

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