JB Shoots: Trails Take II

Brent School Baguio Trail Area, 030809

Yes, here are the trails.

We used to smoke here. I stopped smoking for 3 years running. To God be the glory.

Many years earlier I used to take a golf club (sans head) and slashed the young ferns along the trails, thinking they were ‘bad guys’. That’s an example of a memory I have that, when breezing through my mind, leaves me with a sigh and a smile.

I posted this shot using a more pretentious (lazier) post-processing before and some dude commented, asking ever so eloquently, ‘Where’s HDR?’

Took that as feedback, did it again recently, spiced it up with Topaz Adjust, added a relevant verse, felt better.

Again, to God be all the glory and praise.

Posted in http://jibee.blogspot.com/. God bless you!

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