Shifting Priorities

"Living Godly is not a waste of time." -Creflo DollarHere's a link I'd like to share. No calculations, no complications; Just a simple (and long) message by a young girl blessed because Christ showed her so much for all of us to know.Angelica Zambrano was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return... Continue Reading →

One For Manong Zaldy

Manong Zaldy @ Anilao, 031609Manong Zaldy was a cyclist, climber, diver, and a law enforcer. He made his 'last climb' just recently, and I pray he's where we all want to be when we go.Read more about what happened here.He's been everywhere. Here's his Multiply site.Thanks, Manong. God bless your family at this time.To God... Continue Reading →

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