Speak Good for Good

Here are some notes from today's lesson in the Good News Community Church.

Kind words cost little but accomplish much.

Affirming others means that you look for and find good in them. Let us not be quick in discouraging people. We should reinforce people instead of tearing them down. Give people reasons to celebrate.

Let us be the reason for people to look forward to the rest of the day. There is enough selfishness and insulting in this world to easily ruin a day. We as believers should not be part of the problem.

What's sad is the people who are closest to us probably get the least affirmation. What's not known is that the best affirmation we could give is present-tense, as compared to the easy future-tense appreciations. We are good in God not only tomorrow, but today! What we should do is to receive affirmation with love, and to affirm ourselves by God's grace first – and affirming others will follow.

With affirmation we program our minds, setting them towards success with every day. As we affirm ourselves, and as what we think manifests in our resources, our relationships, and in our lives as a whole, we are called to affirm others as well.

We can do so much greater things if we internalize what the Lord has said for us more and more.

To God be all the Glory.

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