(Seen in a comic)

“Brilliant! It’s got the lot… Murder, betrayal, incest, famines, plagues, bestiality and religious wars… What are you calling it?”

“The Old Testament!”

You left off “God’s absolute judgment against disobedience”. Oh, and “the extremely intricate measures for forgiveness of sin before the time of Jesus.”

Oh, and the Psalms. And the Proverbs.

You and I need to realize something.

I believe we have heard too many things – loose words and carefully planned anti-Christian ways of thinking – said about our beliefs in the worldly media, damping the thinking of many people about God and Jesus Christ. We are being bombarded from all sides and I believe that most of us who claim to be Christians are not even aware of it. Most of our brothers and sisters are losing by default because all they choose to expose themselves to – all they use their precious, God-given time to – is stuff that is against the will of God!

Jb, we aren’t supposed to live in caves. What we’re doing is trying to fit in so we could minister.

I agree, but at least ARM yourself before going out there!

I have the Holy Spirit!

Well, AMEN to that but do you know how He works? Each and every one of us can bring 3-billion megaton thermonuclear Holy Spirit bombs against the pea-shooter lies our enemy has, but we need the manual to use these weapons! A Christian without any knowledge of the Bible beyond what saves him from hell is like a bull elephant acting like a kitten because someone told him he was!

That’s what I mean by many of us losing by default! Let me say again (and brother, I’m telling it to MYSELF too just in case something tells me to slack off), we need to read the Bible more! We need to know some truth in this world where anyone can post whatever they think everyone else should know, in this world where even 5-year olds play with Adobe Photoshop!

Well, I know the Bible! Read it 5 times over! Probably know even more than you!

GOD BLESS YOU! Let’s keep spreading the Word!!

…back to first gear.

I asked a girl once, ‘what Bible verses do you know?

‘John 3:16.’

‘You mind telling me what it is?’

‘For God so loved the world… Something , something, something.’

Let me bring us to a place in your Bible that you may want to mark with your neon-yellow highlighter.

Isaiah 5:13 “Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge…”

Hosea 4:6 (with intended emphasis) “MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED BECAUSE OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE…”

(heard so many years back)

Jesus loves me, this I know.
For the Bible tells me so.


To God be all the glory.

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