Practical Application

It was nice to get a non-professional driver’s license last Friday. I’m assuming that in the next few days transitions are going to be made for me to take a bigger role as driver of the house.

I’ve been taking the car out of the garage for two days now. Just a while back I decided to drive once around the block before going back into the house. Unfortunately as I parked the car I made a scratch – no, a bruise on the bumper.

Thoughts to shut up about the incident and to bring it to a detailing shop filled my mind. Then I thought, dad’s going to see this and coming clean at that time probably won’t calm him down.

I decided to just go ahead and tell him. He said it was ok.

As we drove off he reminded me to always use the mirrors and make estimates. He told me that if I was in doubt, it would be better to take one step back and two steps forward.

1 John 1:9 at work.

God bless you.

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