It’s one of those times again. I’m hit with this sudden surge of emotion driving me to write, but I have no idea what to type. Oftentimes continuous typing leads me to where or what I should type about but for some reason I’m guessing that I’m going to have to type a little bit more than usual to make sure I got what I’m thinking about down to a very precise point. Seriously, there isn’t anything really coming up yet, but I guess the fact that I’m here at work is dampening my… gears, if I can call it that. I take a deep breath and continue to type, and I merely have words in front of me, as opposed to the usual sentences, lines, and paragraphs associated to a thought worth blogging. Again I say I want to say something, but I have no freaking clue what it is. Let me resort to saying this: God is good. He is definitely good and great, considering that I am slowly recovering, transitioning from vacation mode to dammit-i-gotta-work-and-work-HARD mode. The load doesn’t really seem very heavy, but it is quite challenging when you think about it. See, that’s one thing. If you think too much, then you allow your mind to be distracted by shallow thoughts forming a shell over the actual thought that needs to be communicated.
That shell still has not been penetrated, and I am here still weeding through what seems to be worldly muck that I could do without. I’m thinking of things that need not be thought about. People say I think too much, and I concur. I think about thinking too much too much and it’s not really helping because I’m thinking more than I should about something I should think less about. There has to be some reason why I have this trait and I intend to use it, if not wipe it out off the face of the world… My world, at least. May He be lifted high in my world.
That’s anothing – another thing. Hah. The things you come up with while typing whatever into your keyboard. Anyway. Another thing. It may be that I’m not thinking too much, it’s just that I’m watchful over what options to take since I want the Lord to be lifted high in every aspect of my life – As the song goes, In my life, my love and my world, may be be lifted high. Look for ‘Came to the Rescue’ by Hillsongs United.
I say that I’m still struggling between living for the attention of the people around me and living for the Lord who made me and the people around me. Focus is key.
May we all be focused on what really matters. God bless us all.

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