Withdrawal Symptoms

Eloquence only makes articles longer. It adds drama, but when a point needs to be delivered uncompromised, less is more.

If I don’t see something wrong, I look for something wrong, and if I don’t find anything, I assume that something’s wrong. If I have no reason to be worried, I find a reason to worry. If I don’t find a reason to worry, I make a reason to worry.

Something obviously went wrong, as I originally took on the mentality of hunting down problems, anticipating them and attempting to crush them as they surfaced just so that I could have no reason to worry, and life could continue at a comfortable rate. Like fighting fire with fire, I fought worry with worry.

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”
Matthew 6:27

I can’t.

I need to shake off this addiction. It’s not that I think too much. It’s just that I worry, and I like worrying. I have all the reasons to believe, all the reasons to have faith.

God bless you.

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