Quiet Storm

No control. No mind. All faith. I have no control over the mind of a person. I have no control over people I love. I have no control over the people around the people I love. I have no control over anything that happens to the people I love. Why should I mind what I... Continue Reading →

One man's trash can be another man's treasure.One man's treasure can also be another man's trash.People who don't want to be found are not worth looking for.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Eloquence only makes articles longer. It adds drama, but when a point needs to be delivered uncompromised, less is more. If I don't see something wrong, I look for something wrong, and if I don't find anything, I assume that something's wrong. If I have no reason to be worried, I find a reason to... Continue Reading →


It's one of those times again. I'm hit with this sudden surge of emotion driving me to write, but I have no idea what to type. Oftentimes continuous typing leads me to where or what I should type about but for some reason I'm guessing that I'm going to have to type a little bit... Continue Reading →

Separation. Anxiety?

I've never really known the blessings associated to the actual blessing of having a relationship, besides those made obvious through what we see broadcasted over TV commercials, series, blogs, and those not-so-inconspicuous corners in all the famous nightspots. I guess it was a whole lot better that way.I mean, I've mentioned earlier that God took... Continue Reading →

No Hate, Appreciate

I suppose I'm not the only person who is inclined to agree to the thought that when someone hates another person, it's just because that other person has something that he or she doesn't. It could be prestige, material wealth, the attention or affection of a person, etc., etc. Think about someone you don't like,... Continue Reading →


The more you entrust to the Lord, the more He entrusts to you.The more love you give to the Lord, the more love He gives back to you.After all the failed relationships and all the failed attempts at relationships, and after all the rejection I took from the women I thought were wonderful for me,... Continue Reading →

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