Death By Beef: The McDonalds Pounder

So if you have a Quarter Pounder, you have 1/4 of a pound. If you have a Double Quarter Pounder, you have 1/2 of a pound. This was enough cow in a sandwich to be called awesome…

…Or so we thought. Why should I settle for a half pound, when we can stack two Double Quarter Pounders together and have a whole frickin’ pound of Mickey D’s finest between two unfortunate slices of bread?

The stage was set.

The monstrosity was assembled.

“It’s so beautiful…”

Man vs. Food!

After a few bites, all the grease and the pressing reduced the buns into unwieldy pita. Speaking of bites, you had to bite once from the top, and once from the bottom, to get a whole chunk off. Huh huh. Chunk.

This is Donn. It pays to have a partner to call an ambulance just in case. For a moment at the time I was scared that I would eventually say “This WAS Donn” in this article.

“Any final words?”

I guess not.

And then there was… Nothing.

We lived to tell the tale. Now go try it yourself!

Actually, don’t. It was too much. God bless you.

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