A little can really go a long way.

One thing I found quite disappointing about the iPhone was that you didn’t have a numeric keypad to text the usual way around 99% of Filipinos (or all people, for that matter) are used to. Instead, you have a virtual QWERTY keypad that makes you look pretty slow when you text.

Unfortunately it’s the only option I have when I’m on the road. No, I don’t have one, but my brother and my sister-in-law have been blessed to have some of their own, with 3g access. This means I can go on Yahoo! Messenger, and if the recipient is set to ‘I’m on SMS’ or a familiar setting then boom – I have a highly convenient way to text someone in the Philippines. I say ‘highly convenient’ because they charge an arm and a leg for texting using the conventional method, meaning Globe-roaming rates.

The need to communicate with Pao in the Philippines is definitely greater than my disgust in the iPhone’s QWERTY keyboard. However, there was one day that a big error turned all of that around.

The touchscreen was so sensitive that a bump on the road was enough for it to recognize the small tap I gave to the ‘Go’ button. Predictive text misinterpreted what I wanted to say since I was still typing the 3rd out of the 4th letter in the word I wanted to type. I wanted to say ‘baby’ but it came out as ‘nan’.

Fireworks ensued.

God is so good. I could have gone all sorts of ways, but when I chose to seek God’s kingdom, when I lifted the situation to Him, He did not fail to comfort, to satisfy. A lot could have happened, especially given the distance between us, but in the end, we talked things over, and here we are, loving each other more. I sincerely believe that if God is not in our relationship then we probably would have bailed out on each other a long time ago.

It’s easy to perceive this as a mistake leading to a big conflict, leading to a whole lot of things, mostly unpleasant. However, we can look beyond that, and see it as an opportunity to give God the glory. If we worry, we shut Him out. The more we involve Him, the more He gets involved.

Think about that whenever you have doubts in your own relationships. God bless you.

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