Growing Up For Idiots?

“j: less ego feeding, i see, better.”

– Jovic, a.k.a. ‘J’

Less Ego-Feeding… Thanks Jovic. I prefer to thank you through an article instead of through a cbox message, simply because that seems to be an indication that I’m on the right track with all that’s happening here on this site. I couldn’t have heard it better than from anyone else but you, because you pretty much went ahead of me in seeing the negative effects of social networking.

I’ve been learning that there’s an objective behind every action, word, and thought that we generate. After close to 6 years of interacting with people through Friendster, Multiply, etc., I began to question my own motives behind every action – in this case, every post – I took on these sites.

When I was more active in Multiply, I have had a lot of random people, fellow enthusiasts in photography mostly, attempting to add me up as ‘online buddies’. I found it pretty cool at first, until I started making a sickening observation that shook my own foundations. These people who I never met personally didn’t mind if they to posted photo after photo that was devoid of substance and full of… ‘ego-feeding’, as Jovic would state it. It was so obvious that they just wanted more and more people leaving them equally shallow comments.

Then I thought to myself, who am I to talk? I did my own share of ego-feeding. What makes me any better than these people? I found stains in my own integrity, and that’s one of few reasons why I took a break from it all, to see what else was out there.

There was a real job to do, and apparently that’s why we had an internet connection at work. 🙂

There was less time to fret about another photo or blog to post, and more time to pray more and more. There was more time to contemplate on what God wanted me to do with my life.

I just couldn’t wait to say this. There was also a relationship that God wanted me to be in. Every day I thank the Lord, I praise God for taking me by surprise, by giving me a relationship that is doing nothing less than giving Him more glory. I believe that what we have is improving every aspect of my life, Pao’s life, and even the lives of people I never expected to minister to, even in the smallest ways.

Through lifting this relationship up to the Lord, I have discovered that the motive that I am to work on, with every post I make moving forward, is actually to communicate, to witness how useless I am without the Lord. Let there be more of Him, and less of me.

Brent Lardizabal is no longer authoring the guidelines for ‘Growing Up For Idiots(sic)’.

Brent Lardizabal is growing up for God.

To Him be all the glory. God bless you.

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