Won By Translation

Around 3 weeks to a month ago I was with a few friends of mine, enjoying a good cold bottle of beer over a discussion regarding Pacquiao’s 2-round victory over Ricky “Hit man” Hatton. Take note of the space between ‘hit’ and ‘man’ (course, ‘hit’ in this case is past tense). The hit that the man actually took was part of the conversation, but eventually we shifted to Mr. Pacquiao’s interview immediately after the fight, which was very interesting, as usual.

While we laughed about it, it kind of hit me that Manny Paquiao talks to Freddie Roach every day. Wouldn’t his conversational skills be better?

One of my friends – we call him Git, and he’s been a good friend of mine ever since – broke all the wondering by informing us that Pacquiao actually had a translator. Yes, a translator. I found that interesting because it conjured all sorts of stupid situations, like this one:

Freddie Roach (To Manny Pacquiao) : “Manny, let’s work on that left hook. That might be all you need to take the Hitman out.”

Translator: “Bakla ka daw pag di mo tinalo si Hatton! Bakla!”

Groan. God bless you, and continue to have a great weekend.

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