Door Closed, Doors Opened

“Thoreau said ‘Simplify, simplify’…”

– Calvin’s Dad, Calvin and Hobbes

Yup. I’ve ditched the ‘customized’ blog template and chose a generic one. If you’ve noticed, I’ve been in Multiply for the past 2 or 3 years or so… It started off with me creating an account to look for interesting music, and now it’s just a testimony to the conflict I’ve endured between my yearning for attention in the Internet community and my desire to glorify God through my photos and my blogs. Seeing as there are apparently a good number of people who seek to satisfy the former rather than the latter, I made the decision to go back to basics, and to just blog, blog, blog, letting God’s grace do the rest of the promotion. He is such a great God to serve that I find myself having a hard time to just sit down and think about anything anymore. Instead, I am finding more and more reasons, more and more opportunities, more and more approaches to praising the God who has made it all possible in the first place.
I couldn’t really say anything else for now. I’m more sleepy than motivated – to blog, to add some more ‘customizing’ to this place, etc.
God bless you all.

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