Typhoid Brent, Part Deux

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 1510 Local Time

The folks here really know how to satisfy… not only do they provide free wi-fi, but they also have actual stations where people without laptops (yet) can check stuff online too. Well, they can check stuff online, or they can do their damndest to abide to the rules presented in the desktop wallpaper:

“2. We provide internet access as well as e-mail checking service (however, any sexual related and insecure websites are strictly prohibited).”

Honestly, for a moment, I thought this site was pretty insecure. Really.

A quick tip: If you plan on flying, go for the least stopovers possible. If a stopover could not be detected, at least be airborne enough to get a decent amount of rest.

Though the in-flight meal was pretty good (Roast pork with gravy, rice, and boiled vegetables… Note to self: Record what was served to you every time), it didn’t help the fact that we were going to be airborne for around an hour and a half to two hours. I’d imagine even a sleepy Thomas Edison (who, I’ve learned, was known for his power naps) would be insulted. Now all sorts of dormant ailments are trying to take advantage of me – My temples hurt, and my nose is close to runny.

What’s cool about it is that around a third of the people I’ve seen around here have face masks on. The last time I’ve seen so many ninjas was the meningococcemia scare in Baguio. I’m waiting for when I would make a legitimate sneeze again, to see if anyone would scream in terror.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the tips presented for staying away from this so-called pandemic seem to be mere reminders of what we should do in the first place: keep your hands clean, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, etc., etc. There doesn’t seem to be any special medicine to take, nor is there a weird ritual to follow. That being said, if we simply live our lives clean as we are supposed to, then our chances of getting infected by a virus which has terrified a good chunk of the civilized world are significantly reduced – and this is all done without us breaking a sweat.

This may not be the best and most accurate example of my point – that overreacting to something that needs no extra attention leads us to hurting ourselves in a huge number of ways.

Perhaps I’m still living out an example of this point – in the form of separation anxiety. Unfortunately the only time I can call this an example is when the separation is ended.

Ah well. We shall see. More on this later. I’m blogging again. God bless you all.

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