Lovin’ It

If there’s anything that’s going through my mind right now, it is the undeniable fact that God never fails in giving us the desires of our heart, as long as we “delight in Him”. I never really understood what delighting in anyone meant, so in this case, I kind of thought that it was also in the same lines as seeking God’s kingdom – that is, acknowledging God and His mighty jurisdiction and soverignty over everything that is.

I was right, and it has affected my life in so many ways recently that it would be protocol for me to just go ahead and cry out to God and to declare that He is a God of order, through times of emptiness. This feeling is something that’s becoming more and more present with every hour that passes before Valentine’s Day – I grin as I say that, and I give a smirk, content in the fact that as I delight in God, I know all things will fall into place perfectly. I always quote Romans 8:28, “All things happen for the good of those who love Him, and for those who are called according to His purpose.” I’ve always appreciated the fact that the Bible contained a point expressed in the first part of that verse – It gives me a good outlook for the past, present, and the future, a reason to smile in spite of how good or bad things seem.

I’ve never felt so strongly about the second part of that verse more than today. Since ‘love’ is pretty much in the lips of everyone who celebrates Valentines’ Day (read: EVERYONE AROUND ME), I suppose that while I do not have a lady in my life just yet, I would go to the source of love, expressed by a man who chose to suffer and die on the cross to keep you and me from the eternal damnation we deserved. I figure, just as I have probably declared before, that if I learn how to love God, then everything else will follow. All things will happen for my good if I love Him, and if I obey Him by doing everything with Him constantly in my thoughts.

I haven’t started the schedule I mentioned in my previous blog yet, but I just thank God that regardless of what time I work, I have more and more reasons to praise Him, and He would have more and more reasons to bless me and giving me favor.

We have our own bonds with people, our own dependencies among each other. I’d like to take this time to go ahead and say that nothing can be more satisfying, more educating, more blissful than the relationship that you can have with God. When Jesus died, the curtain separating the world from the Holy of Holies in the temple of Jerusalem was torn apart, signifying that He has indeed become the only way to the Father. As long as we have life, we have the chance to seek God through the saving power of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

I am “In a Relationship”.

God bless you!

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