Countdown (The Need To Speak?)

I'm dressed close to decent, and I have nowhere to go, killing time until I sleep to wake up to work the next day. My current efforts are costing me a single Philippine currency unit a minute, as I am in an internet shop whose rates are slightly exhorbitant, but satisfactory when quality (i.e. speed)... Continue Reading →

Less for More

Here's a commercial. I've been through a stressful situation to stress something that has to be stressed.Just a while back I had an agent rush to me, asking for me to speak with his customer because he was asking for a supervisor. The customer already spent a good amount of time with the agent in... Continue Reading →

Another Fork In The Path

The excitement doesn't seem to end, ladies and gentlemen! Here I am recovering from my last tirade involving being spellbound and speechless - actually more speechless than spellbound - and now with what's going on, a pleasant memory finds itself leaving my mind with as much reasons to smile as there are to fret. See,... Continue Reading →

Truth and Consequence

I'm at work, and I'm sick. Let me elaborate. I have a sore throat and my voice is giving up on me, a circumstance which happens to be very timely especially if the company you work for is part of an industry where effective communication is critical, no, vital. I am literally speechless in an... Continue Reading →

Trouble in Paradise II

Pressure makes diamonds, as they say. Pressure makes people grow. In fact, I know of a friend who explicitly welcomes pressure as part of her life. It's been roughly a month and a half since I started my stint in Manila, and during that course of time, I have indirectly come to agree with this... Continue Reading →

Green Is Good

January 11, 2009 5:00PM I got around 30 minutes more before the next service here in the mall starts, and I've already made one striking discovery: Not all tea lattes are spectacular. Or, it takes an acquired taste to appreciate a hot Green Tea latte. It's up there with balut, horse sashimi & sea urchin... Continue Reading →

"So Much Hate…"

*LH is a workmate whose YM status message one afternoon was "Who Needs Boys?". For some reason the ensuing conversation amused me enough for me to deem it bloggable.*me:girls do. :Dlh:im not onelh::Dme:of're a ladies need im not even sureme:men need ladies, ladies would eventually need menme:so there you go.lh:eventuallyme:who needs... Continue Reading →

In The Dumps

(Impromptu)I've been away from home, but the funny thing is I've never experienced being locked out of where I call home... Until now.Chalk this up with the whole list of other things that just happened to disturb me today. Some people just don't know how thankful they are that they have the conveniences that they... Continue Reading →

Pain Reaction

I used to be proud to be cynical... Until today. The problem is that we're all in a world that denies that they have a conclusion about someone before they actually meet them up front. It works both ways. We can have a good outlook on a person, and chances are we become disappointed when... Continue Reading →

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