Dazed – May 27, 2022 (147/365)

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.

His mercies never come to an end.

His mercies will never stop. His mercies are as high as the heavens are from the earth. His mercies are new with every morning. How unfortunate would it be, if there was no such thing. For our lives, our physical beings, everything that we are in this finite world will come to an end, sooner or later. In those times that things expire or just simply die, we would do well to stand firm, knowing that there is a part of us, an aspect of our being that would just keep on going – and it’s all covered, saturated with the mercies of God guaranteed for us, that never come to an end.

If there was no such thing as these mercies that are as high as the heavens, then we would simply be under the cruel mercies of everything else underneath the sun. The writer of the Psalm where this verse is goes out of his way, just to share that there is something greater than the highest victories, or the most prestigious and glorious of situations here in this reality. Consequently, there is something greater than the lowest and heaviest of defeats, here in this fallen world. Christ went out of His way to be born away from the heavens and into this earth – He lay down His life, rose again after three days and ascended into heaven after another forty, only to bring us into His mercy that is greater than anything we could behold in this reality, no matter how ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ we make them out to be.

It doesn’t stop there. Not only are the mercies of the Lord infinite and superior, but actually, because God’s great mercies for us are, as mentioned, infinite, so they do not remain in a static state of what we may call ‘perfection’; No, it constantly grows, it constantly develops, perfect yet continuing to change – His mercies would continue to be poured out to us and refresh us, through what we need in any particular situation. What I’m trying to say here, what I’m trying to point out is indeed, knowing that we have an infinite God, so we would continue to behold His infinite mercies.

I am thankful for the love and mercy of the Lord at this time. I am feeling around 75% is awake right now, and I’m trying my darndest to keep the ball rolling. It’s even in these times when I know there are things that I’m doing apart from what I share here that isn’t necessarily fruitful for me in any stretch of the world. But, behold – even right now this same everlasting love, and this same endless grace is ministering to my heart right now. I can keep on flowing, knowing that though the body is certainly weak, the Spirit of the Lord alive in me and in every believer is certainly willing.

It’s mercy and love that we need at this time. We’re around a couple of weeks since we figured out the Elections here in the Philippines, and I just find it so frustrating and sad to see, of all people, friends who simply could not shake off their hatred for other things.

I mean, really – and I think I’m getting a little more awake now – how could any of us hope to live, how could any of us hope to thrive if it seems like the focus is on hating other things and hating other people? It sounds as if these people live on a different set of scripture, certainly not found in the Bible:

Their hatred never ceases.

Their mercies come to an end.

They may share and actually prove their passionate endeavors, focusing on philanthropy, empowerment and all that, but you can certainly read under their tongues, or between the lines, that their main reason for existence is in hating another person and/or thing, and providing no quarter for anyone and everyone who would provide some semblance of support.

They operate in the complete opposite of how we who have come to believe in Christ would exist – that is to say, they live in fear that, if there was a God, His mercies have a limit. In their fear they would tell people that God isn’t a God of second chances, setting all the focus on our performance, even if they know in their hearts that they’ve been making a lot of mistakes here and there. They’d go through so many strides to say that it’s not God’s mercies, but actually His WRATH that is extremely overbearing. They would do so much for you to be afraid of God, so they would step in at anytime to make a sales pitch of how to figure it all out.

Finally, we talked about how God’s mercies are new every morning… and this is totally refreshing compared to the ideas of people who think they know so much more. In their minds they see no need to look at things from a new perspective… or, rather, a ‘new’ perspective.

As I close, I’d like to share I’m about to share something about the animated movie Monsters Inc., so if you don’t want any spoilers, you can stop reading here, just remembering that indeed, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. Monsters in the movie were sophisticated enough to build entire cities, and also to run on services like electricity and running water. They deduced that as they scared children at night, they would be able to make great amount of energies from the fear of the children. They thought that this was the only solution to ensuring the entire world was to be powered… until they found out that laughter was far superior to screams as a source of their energy.

I say all this because I guess my ultimate point is this: We used to operate out of defaults grounded in this finite reality – self-interest, and its many variants, children and variations. But now, because Christ came and did what He had to do for all of us, we’ve moved from hatred to the steadfast love of the Lord. We’ve also moved from hopelessness to an appreciation of God’s mercy.

Friends, Christ paid such a great price for us to keep revisiting this truth:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.

His mercies never come to an end.

God bless us all.

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