Apps In The Background – March 13, 2022 (72/365)

Father of kindness, You have poured out grace.

You brought me out of darkness, you have filled me with peace.

Giver of mercy, You’re my help in time of need.

Lord, I can’t help but sing.

Or write. Or type. Not really in the mood to sing right now. Actually, if I’m honest, I’m not really in the mood to do anything else right now. All that keeps me going right now is just the obligation to keep up with the thousand words.

You may ask, if I’m not in the mood, then why should I even keep doing this?

Well, one reason I can think of right now is just to say that these words would serve as a record for how I felt at this moment. Maybe also to prove to myself that I could get this done, even if I don’t feel like it.

Because I guess there are things that ought to be of note even when I don’t feel like it. Like the song goes, even when I don’t feel it, God is working. Or, as I preached some time in the past, even when I don’t feel it, God’s love endures forever. That’s another way of saying, even when I don’t feel it, the effects and impact of Christ’s finished work stays just as eternally potent as they were when the temple veil was torn from top to bottom. Just like how we say, when God said, ‘Let there be light’, light was generated ever since in all aspects from then until now. God never said for light to stop.

Yeah, I suppose things are happening, even when my entire being isn’t moving, or even preventing anything else from happening. I can, even at this time, call my God, ‘Father’. I know that He is kind, and His lovingkindness endures forever, even at this time. I rest in the truth that He has, indeed, poured out grace, a living grace in the form of the Holy Spirit filling me and saturating every part of my being, for everyone who is brought to believing in Christ and His finished work. As light continues to come forth, surely it illuminates even the darkest aspects of our being, shut off by sin, death and fear – Christ’s resurrection and ascension have guaranteed our ascent out of darkness into everlasting light, that every step we take in this new covenant grows brighter and brighter unto the new day.

And we know this Truth of moving from glory to glory no matter what we perceive as good and bad happening to us, so no matter what happens we are filled with peace – not any peace defined by man, but a peace that goes beyond all human understanding. It’s a peace that stands on an eternal and everlasting foundation, a living, firm foundation, not what but who – Christ, our Solid Rock, who not only gave us mercy by way of His body laid down, and His blood shed for one and all – but is Himself our mercy. Just as He is the living Word, just as He is the Word of Life, so I am brought to believe that He is our living Mercy, one that rests with us and rises with us, reminding us, convicting us by the power of the Holy Spirit that the mercies offered in this life come fresh and new every morning, at least while there is time to be recognized.

Because we understand that He is the fresh and new revelation of mercy for us with each and every morning, available for us to behold and appreciate without us even asking for it, surely we can also see how Christ is reliable when we do ask, and when we do have our own times of need.

I know people recovering from a betrayal. I know people recovering from separation. I know people feeling the pain of a slow sickness of a loved one. And these are people who trust me with their issues. It is appalling to first realize how we all have our own problems – some are just so good at hiding them, but we all have our issues. We all have our struggles. Obviously I have my own struggles right now.

But what I will say in all of this is an offshoot of what I shared a couple of hours ago at church: The wealth and riches we have in Christ are FAR beyond the gold, silver, and Bitcoin we possess. They are quantified in ways far more sophisticated and just way bigger than the numbers in our balance sheets and statements of account. What we have – what every believer has in Christ is the wealth of eternal life, which is one concentrated perspective of how God loves us with all His mind, soul, and strength. What every believer in Christ also has is the richness of everlasting love, proven by the blood of Christ which has guaranteed that nothing can ever separate us from God, who created the gold, silver, and the concept of money to begin with. Eternal life in Christ is proof of God’s everlasting love, and God’s everlasting love can only be celebrated by eternal life in Christ.

What I’m saying today is that the same everlasting love and eternal life we have is infinitely superior to the problems we had, the problems we’re currently struggling with, and the problems we face. What I’m saying is that we have Christ, and because we have Christ, and Christ has us, we celebrate God’s everlasting love with eternal life. And because we recognize and celebrate God’s everlasting love for us, this is the only reason why we stand, and why we are not shaken by the vast riches of this world, nor are we shaken by the heaviest of trials we could ever face.

It’s Christ who we have, and He has us, even if we aren’t in the mood for existing any further in this reality. No matter what happens, we will always have Christ, and His love with always endure, in this life, unto forever.

I suppose I’m in the mood to just tell God, thank You.

And thank YOU, for reaching this far. If you haven’t noticed yet, God loves you. I know this, because Christ died and rose again, for you, and for all of us.

Consider that.

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