To Groove, To Flow – February 16, 2022 (47/365)

Thought I’d listen to podcasts while I drove around to shoot the sunset.

First one I listened to was a crypto-centric creator who weighed in on GALA. I was impressed by the founders and the leaders behind Gala Games, and was that closer to seriously considering making an investment their way… until the host mentioned something that turned me off: There wasn’t much by way of documentation (i.e. Roadmaps, Whitepapers, etc.) for us to do more in depth research.

I suppose there are more things to read between the lines if I immerse myself deeper into what they do make public, but if I’m to do anything like that… well, I’ll start tomorrow.

For the second podcast on the queue I decided to listen to Naval’s podcast on wealth generation. He mentioned that’s what was really supposed to be the title of the Podcast versus ‘How to get rich without getting lucky’, and admitted he gave in to using that title because it really would draw a whole lot more people to watch or listen.

Anyway, it’s not like I finished the podcast – the first one about the GALA was a little less than 20 minutes, but Naval’s episode lasts 3 (solid) hours. I don’t think I finished the first hour.

But I appreciated what I did get to hear. At one point they talked about what he said were 4 types of luck – to my understanding they all differed in how ‘involved’ we were in acquiring such luck; for instance, there was dumb luck, which just happens, there was blind luck, where we were aware of a slim chance of us ‘winning’, and there was luck that we attract by way of us doing so much so we would have greater chances of ‘winning’ – or something like that.

I don’t know, I obviously need to go back to it, but the only reason why it’s mostly speculation and assumption was because Naval wanted to talk about the most ‘difficult’ yet most lucrative sort of luck.

He elaborated it in this way – imagine you’re one of the best deep-sea divers in the world. You probably won’t get lucky enough to find sunken treasure, but the experienced treasure hunters who do get lucky will come to you to help them get the treasure they were lucky enough to find. So the way I understood it was that the first three were all about luck happening to you, while the fourth was luck coming to you.

And, of course, it all comes back to what you’re the best at.

Speaking of what you’re the best at, Naval also mentioned something that I probably will never forget – That you’re the best at being who you are. He emphasized that we are all unique beings, and we are all, from one viewpoint, a precise combination of attributes and experiences that no one else on the planet can ever match down to the smallest detail.

To know how you are, and who you are, is much more relevant today, now that we have the internet. We have been blessed with the gift of connecting to anyone and everyone in the world… And we connect with one another, in the process learning about who we are in a process of becoming the best in who we are, with the end goal being to find people with problems that you (and all you are) can solve.

I’m telling you, this isn’t even before the end of the first hour and already I’ve been taking in so much during the drive. It was such a headtrip.

So in my understanding we would do a huge favor to ourselves if we continued to learn about who we are and what we were made for, all this time figuring out what problems we were made to solve in this reality.

This sounds so familiar to what we’ve been talking about since yesterday. Let me see if I could pull it up from memory.

You lead others by leading yourself.

You lead yourself by being yourself.

You be yourself by living to learn.

You live to learn by learning to live.

You learn to live, and community is created.

This is in contrast to what Naval was saying, which would probably match the first four lines, only in the last line you would go out there and use tools such as the internet to figure out the community you were built to help. That, instead of living and learning on your own, with the assumption that people who like minds would come to you.

So that’s what I was listening to, before I hopped out of the car to shoot, and on the drive home. I got some pretty solid shots today, could’ve been better, and I could’ve relocated but in the process of staying I was able to appreciate how the location I stopped in was rife with good perspectives all around, not just a prime vantage point for sunsets.

I was enjoying the process of editing while listening to a man on YouTube roast ego lifters (i.e. people who lift for social media more than actually getting stronger)… and I wanted to do some posting on Facebook, probably because it was today’s sunset, probably because I haven’t made a post for February yet…

But if I was honest with myself, part of me definitely wanted to post because I saw someone else in my network post a shot of today’s sunset which I thought was sort of cringy – If you’re a Lightroom user, the photo looked like the Clarity slider was abused more than just a little bit, and the shadows were pushed too hard that the grain dulled the details we were supposed to admire.

Now that I think about it, I had another reason for me to post in addition to my selfishness – that I would be doing as Naval was saying, utilizing the Internet, broadcasting some of my work to the world… But see, because there WAS selfishness, that’s why I decided to hold out.

I was telling another friend that no matter how hard we try to hide it, people will see desperation and arrogance in our photos, just as much as they would see awe and wonder.

Besides, it wouldn’t be as fun to get my work out there, and get positive responses, only to be aware of the presence of a little dirt in my intentions. Not worth it. Again, as Jordan Peterson would say, not good.

In all this I am reminded, that we would respect ourselves and our Creator – to have and maintain a mind constantly learning. We would have our entire being moving from twitching and retreating in sin, death and fear, to living and moving in awe and wonder.

Being who we are, we learn, and we flow – that is, to move naturally between leading ourselves, and/or intentionally leading others.

Bruce Lee was quoted as saying that we ought to be as water. When we are poured into a cup, we become the cup. When we are poured into a teapot, we become the teapot.

We become these things, but we would still be water – it’s who we are, it’s who we were made. One approach isn’t better than the other – You can intentionally look for your tribe, or your tribe may come to you, but what’s important is that you don’t push from pressure, waiting in vain for luck to happen to you.

You flow. You flow, with faith.

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