Walker – January 28, 2022 (28/365)

Friday. Good, Good Friday.

If you have trouble recalling or committing to any goals you set in place, go back to your systems. Or rather, let your systems take charge as you try to recall. Get the daily, hourly goals accomplished and out of the way for you to have more space to do what you need to do to get back on track for the long term goals.

It happens. It’s life. Life throws us off. We throw ourselves off. Other people throw us off. When we have peace with the fact that we would be distracted or totally pushed off course every now and then, our minds are prepared. Just by reading those words, we prepare our minds.

The systems we place are neither proactive or reactive. They are consistent – rather, they ought to be consistent, independent of our mood at any given time. Systems such as walking 10000 steps a day, or writing 1000 words a day are there, not for us to toil on, but to clarify our beings… the systems we put in place, the systems we implement upon ourselves are there to remind us that our beings are far more than our mood, far more than our intentions, or lack of intentions. Our beings are more than the chemical compositions currently affecting our literal brains at any given moment.

The systems keep us in check. The systems do not heighten us, nor should they drag us down… they bring us back to the ground if we fly too high, or they bring us up to the surface if we are smothering in the depths.

They are finite practices of the infinite and definite, they are celebrations of the absolute.

Not sure where all that came from but I thought I’d pull it out of my mind before anything else. See, this is what I appreciate about writing. For everything I’ve been writing about in the past few days, it just helps to know that I have a piece of my mind or what’s going on in my mind at that current moment, recorded for every day I live. These compositions are like the candles on a Trading chart, which I could probably go back to later…

I could go through every word and sentence and paragraph manually if I prefer to deep dive, and what I’m thinking about right now is that I could get deeper into data science so I can make bigger scale analysis on what else I could have been thinking about, derived through machine assisted analysis.

See, there’s another reason to write. It’s data storage for future analysis.

I’m not going to force anything else out here for now. For the record I’m in sunshine park. Just got a newspaper for my mother, and while there were stalls closer to home, I chose to walk to town because (1) I wanted to hit my 10000 steps earlier and (2) I wanted to just be in the ‘marketplace’ of people.

I’m home and I’ve been thinking along the way. I’ve been doing burpee challenges for the most part last year, and yeah I’ve been seeing results by way of toning and definition, but is it feasible to go another year down this route?

The first answer to this was to keep the routines, but to introduce other things. Weights. I hate going to the gym, so I’m guessing I should set up like my brothers did for their own homes – with weights in their garages. Now unlike their wealth in space I actually park my car in our garage so I was thinking of setting up somewhere else here in the house. I was hoping to have a dedicated workout place, with heavier weights, and a wall-mounted bar to do pull-up variations and to hang a punching bag if I wanted to. Very important.

See, there’s another thing to just walking, thinking and writing. You actually walk your mind into situations where you’re more comfortable to make an audit on your overall being. I’ve done quite a few walks where I realized the value of relationships, and appreciating what I have versus lamenting over what I want to have. I’ve walked enough to realize how pornography is such a danger to my individual life, stretched out into the entire world. I’ve walked enough to understand the value of an absolute God over the inferiority of even the most dazzling of creations.

And get this, it’s not just about clarifying towards something better. You can certainly have some sort of progression of you put a little of intention with your walking and writing. But if you walk in particular without having any other sort of ideas in mind – If you walk, without listening to music or a podcast, without necessarily being more open to the environment and taking in the sights and sounds… if you walk for the sake of walking, I believe the rest of your being, (not just the mind as Jim Kwik would mention) would definitely groove with you.

I’ve come to the realization that we are also more than what we’re aware of… and I say this only because of the new thoughts and ideas that come out of left field whenever I do walk. I get pretty excited when these realizations come to mind.

I don’t know, to put this all together all I can say is that I definitely recommend that you make it part of your systems to do some decent walking. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 10000 steps. That’s a personal goal, and you probably already know a lot of people are into the same goal. You may prefer less steps, or more steps… but have a goal, and consider the thoughts and ideas that come up as consolation prizes.

Yeah, I guess I should say that. Take it out of your mind to expect any sort of mind-breaking revelations. Just be present in walking… and (yech) let walking it itself be a present.

I hope and pray we all have a very productive weekend ahead. May the Good Lord bless us all as we continue down this month, this quarter, this year.

Overwhelming so far.

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