Sleep Aid – January 15, 2022 (15/365)

It’s an hour past midnight, and okay, I guess I should go through my thousand.

And at this point, while it does seem like I’m taking on it as a duty, I am also indirectly wanting to do this to get things off of my chest as usual, but to see what other thoughts come along the way.

See, I’ve been realizing lately that in my exploring new options and opportunities for income, I should reconsider going back to what works. In other words, what I’ve been doing in the name of exploration isn’t giving me as much yield as I would have made if I made the same investment amount on what I already saw was working.

I honestly don’t want to get into a lot of detail about it here, or in public in general, but I will say this. It’s good to diversify, sure… but don’t go off thinking you’re going to make more, or as least as much as your last winning hustle. There’s a common reason as to why certain endeavors are deemed successful, and while guts are involved, it’s getting into the endeavor that gets us to significantly better results.

What I mean by getting into the endeavor is two things: Doing as much research, data gathering and analysis as possible, and getting into the endeavor for the sake of getting into the endeavor.

For instance, you get into photography because you like taking pictures, not because you want to make money. You get into crypto because you’re fascinated by the prospect; sure, you’ll make a lot of money, or your chances are certainly higher, when you’re into it for the sake of getting into it.. which isn’t a lot of people, to be honest.

Back to the endeavor that was getting me lots of results: without getting into too much detail, I bought an apparatus which was already built, and seeing that was working, I set off to set one up from scratch. The actual building of the said apparatus was already teaching me a lot about maintenance and monitoring.

I thought I’d try other less demanding approaches to income, but I do hang on to what I heard on TV: you aren’t your income, so don’t ask your friends to define you according to what you make or even what they lend you. If that doesn’t make any sense, I’ll just share that I was too quick to throw money into certain savings strategies; or, perhaps, I was too hasty in expecting big returns.

So that led me back to maybe extending on what I already had in place. I couldn’t move out of that endeavor just yet. There’s definitely so much more to learn and to enjoy.

With this I think I’ll turn in. I’m dozing off already and to be honest I don’t know half of what I have on the last paragraphs.

More tomorrow, for sure.

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