Approaching Recognition Of The Importance Of Individual, Internal Stability – January 13, 2022 (13/365)

Well, that was certainly a longer title than usual.

I didn’t work out today. Unbelievable that I could stand going through today without going through a workout. But I won’t test the fates by not writing. No, I will write today. I will at least keep this chain going, because I’ve broken workouts…

…but now that I think about it, it’s not much about the workouts more than I broke my eating. Man, I’ve noticed since April last year that I’ve been really sloppy with my eating habits. I was doing really good, even in Israel back in 2018, but now it’s 2 years later and I’m eating sugar like it’s normal, and I’m eating more every meal, for more than one meal a day.

I need to sort things out; this means getting rid of everything from last year’s holiday season, switching off the part of me that insists on processed food every time I think about it. This means deliberate fasting, and using more time for other things versus eating and entertaining myself – because what it seems like is that I’m looking more for the entertainment, and in the process, I look for food.

Really shouldn’t be this way. It’s me before I started getting into Unicity, where I told everyone I wanted to get my body back. Well, now it’s slipping back to sloppy Joseph, and I refuse to be any more sloppy…

Okay. I’ll be honest, I’ll be starting next week. More cardio. Less binge eating. If I do feel hungry, I’ll settle for a shake if I really couldn’t shake it. Supplements. Meditation. Pre-workouts, pre-meal drinks. 4-4-12, if not OMAD.

Should I go as far as setting up an Excel schedule? It helped me out, sure, but there’s still a wide margin of failure, that is I stop making updates and I consequently stop adhering in the middle of the week. It may help to revisit the entire mindset of merging systems and goals – Systems for the short term, and goals for the long term.

I’m not sure I’m going to be hitting 1000 words today. My head hurts and I wish I was upstairs reading myself to sleep. The only thing that’s keeping me here in the living room is my phone, which is currently backing my photos and videos up, batch by batch, up to OneDrive. It’s a great way to free up space and to keep my files somewhere easily accessible.

Speaking of backing files up and keeping stuff, probably one reason why my head aches right now is because I spent a good chunk of today downstairs, cleaning the office up, big time. There’s just so much junk right there, mostly stuff that we didn’t bother unpacking as far back as when we moved here… Imagine that, stuff that stayed in boxes – stuff that was supposed to be shared, sorted, or otherwise thrown away – for 20 years.

And it’s all the usual stuff. Mom and Dad’s stuff from back when they had a more active role in society. Receipts and random notes that Mom wouldn’t have me move around or even touch because she wanted to sort through all of it herself. That’ll be pretty tough considering that she’s all about just being on her iPad right now, more than anything else.

I’m getting that much more determined to just toss out all that’s definitely without a touch of nostalgia, and which is that much closer to being literal trash. I’m talking about empty eyeglass cases, canisters, bags, baubles and doohickeys and stuff from the past that doesn’t even work anymore.

And once that’s done I’m definitely going through my digital archives as well, getting rid of any file that no longer holds any sort of link to my brain.

I tell you, my entire life here at home, as well as my brain, needs a solid scandisk and defrag combo… Maybe an antivirus and malware scan, but definitely a lot of junk and bad sectors to address.

You all may have your opinions on Joe Rogan talking to a certain doctor lately, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree on one thing – the virus isn’t nearly as dangerous as what people with lots of power and resources are using the virus to push; He called it mass formation psychosis. Or, organized fear in a significant scale.

I did a quick visit to the online thesaurus to find the proper antonyms, perhaps as a cure to the said mindset, which I would call the virus behind the virus, and I came up with this: Individual dispersed sanity.

By doing this I see what we need to do as a species to help in the fight against mass formation psychosis – that is, peace. And not just peace that we tell people to try on for size – no, peace that we seek for ourselves, peace that we come to by us thinking for ourselves, and not peace that comes from other people forcing us to think.

And you can bet that, because I am a believer of no less than Jesus Christ, I will get to sharing Him as our only source of peace. I pray that we all come, not only to the knowledge but the individual understanding of how deep, how wide, how long, and how high the love of God is to us, given to us through Jesus Christ.

I think that’s what I’m going to be talking about this Sunday.

A little background: I made a case last Sunday for how our love for one another has grown cold – not because of a lack of effort on our part, but more because the hate has grown that much hotter. Covid has indeed become popular, but it’s raw hatred and indifference and fear that’s become viral.

Hatred has surged, and just like the virus, there are variants of hatred – racism and wokeness, targetting what we used to call the 7 mountains – exclusivity in the church, mudslinging in government, an overflow in stress and anxiety in education, wokeness infecting the definition of families, the love of money so much more prominent in business… I could go on and on.

I painted such a picture of darkness, only for all of us to see why we keep on talking about the love of God through Christ’s finished work, day in and day out – against such a wave of hatred and fear, this overwhelming love is Necessary.

I mentioned mass formation psychosis earlier, and a key proponent to ushering this mindset to the world is the introduction of so much fear and hatred… As we mentioned, the everlasting love is necessary, but is it limited to being a mere cure for anxiety?

No, friends, the Word says that the perfect love of God CASTS OUT all fear. Any other love is short-time, small-time… but the love we have with God is not a prescription drug, but a life, a living Love.

I could go down this route or talk about how the love of God is a Necessary Love, and a Stable love – it’s not a mass formation love, but an intimate love we understand first as individuals, and testify to each other as groups, helping us strategize with far greater wisdom while we are in this messed up world.

Obviously I’d like to write more about this, or elaborate on it tomorrow.

Which I will.

For some reason my head feels better now. But I do want to sleep.

It’s Friday tomorrow.

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