Zwischenzug – January 10, 2022 (10/365)

I feel the seeds of this Sunday’s message are being planted here. Also, the featured image for this post was made from WOMBO ART – I’ve been addicted to that site since this morning! Click here -JB

If media casts major doubt in a particular commission or entity… we shouldn’t be so quick to join the mob.

In fact, that there is a lesson on its own – that if we had any respect for our own minds and for the minds of our loved ones, then we wouldn’t be so easily swayed by what other people would have us think. We shouldn’t be so easily played.

If it helps, take a step or two or three back, and consider the position of other pieces in the chess board. If pressure is applied on one crucial piece, is it necessary to place all our focus there? If we were to react as expected, what consequences would there be? What other moves can be taken while we fret too much over one perspective of the battle field?

I remember my first days of playing Street Fighter II. I was playing against the computer; not really sure who I was fighting as, but for sure, I was fighting against Zangief, one of the worst fighters to play out of the box. I remember my brother was watching and was probably laughing or just getting frustrated at how I was still losing even against such an easy opponent.

But losing I was, and I’m pretty sure it was because I was trying to pull off a certain move, a hadouken maybe; I was fixated on that, perhaps thinking that if I pull that off I would magically win, not knowing the CPU could dodge or block the damned attack. If not that, I was too fixated on not losing, because I didn’t like how my brother was pressuring me.

I kept losing because I wasn’t focused on winning. Now, in this particular case, nobody was out to get me; I mean, my brother wasn’t convincing me to do all the flashy moves, nor was he getting frustrated because he wanted me to lose. If I won, that would have been awesome for him. No, I was losing because I set myself up for failure by means of pressure. It didn’t help that I lost against old Zangief (who, by the way, would be a huge threat under the control of a capable and practiced player).

So in the case of a certain commission being hacked recently, it behooves us to ask, more than us asking who was behind this – who’s to gain from the eventual hatred? Who will be watching as the blame game unfolds?

Call me a conspiracy theorist or whatever, but I think it’s all about us thinking strategically.

My main point in all this is, as mentioned earlier, that we shouldn’t be so easily played.

Fine, they were hacked. But that doesn’t mean we should lash out.

Perhaps this is a way for us to start from scratch. Do away from the corrupted commission – Their being hacked just confirmed how corruptible they’ve been.

So much to say about a Twitter topic. Perhaps I’ve been played that way as well… But I guess it had to be said. We say that we disrespect all appeals to emotion this coming elections… but we get as emotional as the other guy does, don’t we? I don’t think we should approach this conflict by way of suppressing who we are, but to respect our weaknesses.

And friends, we do respect our weaknesses not by coddling them, but by facing them and knowing all there is to know about them.

Personally, I say we can do so, and we can make some serious progression, with the confidence that no matter how much mistakes we make, or no matter how bad of a mistake we make… Nothing can separate us from the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Yup, I said it. It just had to be said, without setting any expectations or nothing. Jesus Christ is the constant, the Truth that stands above all else; He is Creator infinitely superior to finite creation, who by His body and blood has proven that He is forever for us and not against us. The deity of Jesus Christ and the absolute redemption and reconciliation brought by His death and resurrection serve as the Foundation on where I stand.

My personal beliefs aside, I guess what I could say is that we all ought to have a deep look at what holds us together, because it sure as hell isn’t our weakness… and until we do not stand on a firm foundation, a strong tower we could retreat to, we are vulnerable to anything and everything any enemy could throw against us.

I believe Sun Tzu said something similar to the following:

If you do not know yourself, and you do not know your enemy, you will lose every battle.

If you know your enemy, but not yourself, same thing, I think?

If you know yourself, but not your enemy, for every victory you will suffer defeat.

If you know yourself, and if you know your enemy, you will benefit or even win every battle.

Okay, that’s without the help of Google, but you get the point. To know yourself is just as important, if not more important than knowing your enemy… and really, it’s not like we consider everything else as an ‘enemy’, but the point here is there is much benefit… rather, it is just as crucial for us to know ourselves as much as we would strive to know anything else.

And in that, there is much to be done, actually; for there is a difference between us knowing about ourselves, and simply knowing ourselves. We can deceive ourselves by insisting that what we know about ourselves is actually what we want to know about ourselves – sort of like how it’s hard to swallow hearing how other people tell the truth about us being able to hold a note, but not being able to sing, as we think we do. Contrary to the hints of self-indulgence that come with inspecting our identity, we owe ourselves to truly know ourselves, and to know ourselves does take a whole lot of humility.

Wow, look at how far I’ve gone, based on a tweet about COMELEC.

Of course, it’s not like I’m making a call for introspection after this latest scandal – no, lest we forget, we do face an enemy in this particular situation, and we would do just as well to understand who the real enemies in this situation are. Oligarchs come into mind. We can even throw Soros, or whoever, into the mix. Maybe it’s the ‘Commies’, some will say. Maybe the Commies are in cahoots with the Oligarchs and we are doing a noble act here!

Sadly, all this is speculation. Even with proof, by adding speculation to the mix, we negate anything of worth. It sounds just the same as fear. A little fear ruins a whole person.

And I’m not sure, I think it was Bertrand Russell that said that it’s good ol’ fashioned fear that is behind any and all superstition that is out there. You see the connection here? Fear – superstition – speculation? Where does this fear come from? Again, it comes from us not knowing ourselves, and not knowing our enemies.

Do we fight against the fear that our enemies would have us feel?

We could, but we can certainly be more effective by way of knowing who we are, and knowing who our enemies are.

Now, if you think this involves us retreating in order to do the necessary learning, remember that the best lessons are learned, not in the classrooms, but in the battlefields. So I’m not saying we should stop fighting. No, I say we face what we face, and learn what we can learn where we are, only now with a heightened sense of awareness.

Not neuroticism, but awareness. Not that we ‘go with the flow’, but we ourselves do the flowing. It’s Bruce Lee who said we ought to be like water – and, indeed, how do we know the value of a cup if we are not poured into a cup, taking its form?

Friends, I should say that again – we don’t ‘go with the flow’, but we ought to be the ones controlling how and where we do flow.

We shouldn’t be so easily played. On the other hand, if we relinquish all fear, and take in the perfect love that would have us playing, all this tension, fear and anxiety will be easily welcomed.

“The pleasure is to play, Makes no difference what you say” – Motörhead, The Ace of Spades

I hope I made sense tonight.

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