Changing Perspectives – January 7, 2022 (7/365)

I’m at my room right now, charging. It’s a couple of hours earlier than I’m used to, but I’m thinking I want to get this done so I could sleep earlier. Nothing of merit was really accomplished today; if you were to ask me, I didn’t do much to get richer today except for checking on my positions; just happy that I’m still making something off of all the staking I’ve been doing.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m barely making anything, which is, in my opinion, disappointing considering all the money I’ve put in. Fortunately, there is always going to be time for research, and I intend to do all that.. tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow. I will make moves to get richer, tomorrow. I will do some serious work to get smarter, tomorrow… but hey, I actually did some working out today, but even that could have been better.

Blaming it on the weather. If I was 20 years younger I would have welcomed this cold with open arms, but now that I’m older, I guess my body has made adjustments to shifting what energy I had in relishing in this close-to-freezing weather into preserving my core, and more importantly, preserving my sanity.

This probably explains why my body wanted me to put on a couple more layers and a beanie – Let garments take the place of my body in keeping me warm so I could actually start working on the words I intend to share today.

Part of what I’ve experienced today, rather, part of what I observed today, and as this week comes to a close, is how things are suddenly getting more sensitive in the city of Pines – I’m led to believe that Baguio is pretty tough in its protocols, and indeed, we’ve seen churches and business penalized and shamed for not following the rules, in the name of public safety. I understand the need for protocols, and I also respect the government’s push for vaccinations, but one thing that I have a low percentage – an EXTREMELY low percent chance of agreeing on is mandatory vaccinations for everyone.

It isn’t explicitly said that we’re all to be vaccinated, no questions asked; but lately I’ve been hearing news that businesses are denying unvaccinated people service. Not much of an inconvenience for me, but it appears that my mom will have to endure not meeting up with her friends because they’re all going to a service provider which now requires vaccination passes before entry.

I’m not bringing this all out here to complain, but I wanted to share it, because it was something on my mind. In spite of all this that is going on, I prefer to see my body through with natural resistance and immunity versus a vaccine.

I could keep on talking about what I prefer to do versus what we’re all being forced to believe, but I will just go ahead and say this: Never in my life has my trust in mainstream media, and even big tech, been so close to zero.

You can tell me that the numbers are clear and the data shows that I should think this and that, but until I could agree that this data and these numbers are not hashed up, please forgive my reluctance in believing.

There’s more that I can say about this subject but I will go ahead and share that for now. I’m pretty sure some data miners and analyses will tag me as vaccine hesitant or something like that.

Maybe I’ll edit out this last section. But moving on, I’ve learned a lot from the replay of Joseph Prince’s message on his vision for the church this 2022. If I shared that this year would be an overwhelming year, he shared that this year is the year of rest and acceleration.

I will be sharing a little on what he mentioned tomorrow, but I will mention it here – one of his points was that if we were to go ahead and try to accelerate (i.e. get rich, get blessed, get favored, etc) on our own strength, we would end up literally burned out. Our strength would fail us. Our minds would break. Our entire beings would cave in.

However, if we were to sit at the feet of our Savior, and if we were to understand, and even intentionally take time to appreciate Christ and His finished work, we would find much of the work done for us before we even head out to start. In other words, when we rest, acceleration happens.

I understand this is quite the message, and it is pretty astounding, very challenging to think that the first thing to do for us to get more done in this year is nothing.

To be honest with you, dear reader, it’s been in my head for the longest time – to meditate. Countless Fridays I’ve resolved with myself that I would set some time to meditate within a given day. Countless times I’ve told myself that starting next month, I will dedicate time to meditate… Hell, even this 2022, I was supposed to start meditating.

Naval Ravikant says that to meditate is just to do nothing for a period of time. I’d like to believe that part of me meditates as I would be typing all of this down… and I certainly appreciate the benefits of typing all of these words without abandon. Sure, it gets me to take a load off, and to actually unload whatever I have in a circle position in my mind, along with the countless other thoughts waiting to land.

But one reason why I find that meditation is necessary, even before I listened to Joseph Prince, was I liked the concept, the perspective that in meditation, we do some travelling of our own. I’m not talking about astral projection or any of that new wave stuff, but I suppose I see meditation as a way to escape, much like my mom and I used to escape our home, our comfort zone, on a yearly basis.

In lieu of travelling physically, what with all the protocols and requirements we have nowadays, I saw, and I think I continue to see meditation as the next best thing.

Meditation doesn’t cost as much; we don’t need vaccine passes for this, nor do we make any sorts of moves. Meditation is, as Jamiroquai would title one of his excellent albums, Travelling Without Moving.

Travelling without moving, much like we are at rest when we are on a plane, a train, or any other moving vehicle. I suppose that’s how rest and acceleration come together – it’s certainly possible for both to be acheived at one time! Only we don’t do the operating, we sit, while, (ugh) Jesus takes the wheel.

I didn’t see that coming up but hey, you take what you get.

So that’s what’s been going on in my mind. Tomorrow, I get ready for our recordings, which I will need to prepare to upload for Sunday, in place of a physical service. I will be minimizing my contact with people; if possible, I won’t be driving anyone home tomorrow.

But for now, I rest.

Rest is, as it always was, a weapon.

Thank you for bearing with this man’s ramblings.

God bless you.

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