Systematic Evaluation – January 3, 2022 (3/365)

So the goal here is to type at least a thousand words a day, and I believe I can easily get towards that goal, and be a little organized about it, by observing two things:

  • Answer the question, how was your day?
  • Based on what you typed, that’s where you come up with a 1-3 word title. I’m thinking it’ll be nice to have lesser words at a time, but I’m pretty sure we’ll think of more days than just one entitled, ‘Fucked’. Of course, I’m kidding about that.
    • It was passed around as a joke in the Photography community – that’s how you come up with edgy captions: Keep them as one word. Peace. Silence. Strength. Lol. I guess it works here too. I must admit I am not Rokusaburo Michiba, who knows his menu before he starts cooking, the genius.

So how was today? Not as good as I expected. Or, it could be better, at least. I mean, it definitely could be worse in that I would definitely be beating myself up now, and not writing, and holding all of this off until tomorrow, with the rationalization that I could do better tomorrow.

No, as I remember I received a message from Jonas (my brother from another mother) a day or two ago in Instagram, where he says we take things one day at a time… I challenged him to go further by saying we take things one hour at a time.

What did I mean by this? Well, I suppose application of it was what saved the rest of this day. I started the day wrong – slacking off at bed, reasoning with myself that I deserve the rest considering everything that’s been done and all that was accomplished yesterday (that is, Sunday, when I felt pretty good about the message I shared; Note To Self: I probably need to write about that as well).

What’s worse is that I took a quick shot of cheap dopamine… What does that even mean? Well, I’ll be honest, it involved incognito mode. There, I said it. It has to be said. I’m only open (albeit cryptic for those who still aren’t in the know) about it, just because my Savior is just as open, if not more open about His faithfulness to me and to all who believe, no matter what filth we struggle with.

Anyway yeah, I pretty much slacked in and out of bed until around noon, when I decided to start working out, and to work on posting on social media. Of course, in between all of this, there was a whole bunch of Tekken and a little diving into Cyberpunk 2077 – the latter of which I was supposed to capture and share using OBS and YouTube, but then I thought to myself, I could finish the storyline once, and record the second time around.

Not being satisfied with one workout, I decided to go at it again. The first workout was on the heavy bag, this second workout was what I like to call the Burpee Khalifa – sets of decreasing numbers of burpees increasing in intensity, until I reach the ‘top’ set which consists of 1 extreme high-count burpee. Then I go back ‘down’ the tower. After this I found it proper to upload again, and also to finally have lunch – observing one meal a day, tolerating at most a light snack later in the evening.

While I was eating I thought it would be nice to keep watching Band of Brothers. This was the episode before their hell of a time in the forest. Bastogne, that’s it. After eating I thought I’d finish watching Apocalypto… And really, serious thought here, this was a gem. Everyone had high expectations at the time for Mel Gibson after The Passion Of The Christ, but watching this movie on its own was nice. Lots of underlying lines about facing fear, and also, one thing about despair is that it could always get worse. I mean, imagine your entire life and being ripped away from you in a matter of an hour.

I could have been so much more productive today by way of writing, but around this point was when I decided to play even more Tekken. And it’s even tougher this time that I haven’t been playing Treasure Mode, but the actual storyline. Tougher, in the sense that a lot of time was spent… to learn what? That cross-franchise characters are a little harder than usual to play around with – Akuma was hyped so much, but try doing his Street Fighter moves in Tekken (Motion-down-forward is that much harder to pull off in a fast paced game versus, say, forward-forward high punch). Also, it’s crucial to know when to attack, the range of each attack; timing and range are important when it comes to getting your hands dirty.

And speaking of practicalities, that looks like where I’m headed for the year, with regards to the messages I would be delivering to my congregation. I started off on the first Sunday of the year 2022 by saying that this year would be a year of us being overwhelmed by the love of God… and I’m realizing now that this could be shortened to declare that 2022 will be overwhelming.

Overwhelming, with what, you say? Well, to divide it into 3 sub-themes, which will be covered within 3 quarters of the year, they are: Practical Love, Tactical Grace, and Strategic Peace.

Go on, write to clarify, JB.

Why Practical Love? Well, first off, it’s in accordance to the ‘XL’ theme of the overall church, who provided us with recommendations of what we can talk about each quarter: Q1 2022 is about eXtravagant Love, Q2 will be something about Lifegroups (can’t remember the X part), and then Q3 will be on eXhilarating Labor (which I will not necessarily adhere to, especially because the ‘Labor’ leaves a bad taste in my mouth).

I see underlying themes here; I say Practical, then Tactical, then Strategic to cover, first our individual movements (e.g. combat, survival as one), then our actions as a squad (e.g. teamwork, dissemination, common goals), and then our moves from a higher perspective (e.g. geopolitical analysis – ambitious, no?). Love, Grace, and Peace are from Paul’s greetings to the brethren in each epistle he wrote.

So in other words, it is love that is in the core of each individual in the body of Christ, it is grace that keeps us together as teams – congregations, services, lifegroups, and it is peace that is behind our moves when we look at teams of teams.

Of course, it is important for us to specify guidelines as we climb up the ladder of leadership – individual leadership, to team leadership, to team of team (?) leadership, but I believe one foundational guideline will always be the overwhelming Truth of Christ and His finished work.

I suppose that will be another angle of discussion – what does an overwhelmed individual look like? What does an overwhelmed team look like? What does an overwhelmed community (there you go) look like?

I’m getting more and more excited as I put all of this from my brain into paper. And it’s just Monday, but I really should start rolling out some real material. Heads up, I’ll definitely be posting more on the blog. If not these thousand words a day, I’ll need to dedicate entire articles on some thoughts along the way, as well as some responses to videos I have lined up on my YouTube Watch Later – said videos include Jordan Peterson as a guest on a Bible ministry whose name escapes me, and the controversial podcast between Joe Rogan and that one doctor who made breakthroughs in mRNA, concerning vaccines and all that stuff.

What a way to veer off course while I was talking about my day; well, not really ABOUT it as a whole, this is sounding more like a daily activity report, but as you can see, there are times I would pause to write on lingering thoughts.

After Apocalypto and Tekken I decided to heat up some water for a bath. I was on Social Media while waiting for it to boil. I finally took my bath, and I was feeling a little under the weather – there was the slight chance I didn’t push through with this, but I thought I’d do it quickly between JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure S01E04 and S01E05… And yet, it’s 11:30PM and here I am, a brain full of stuff to just write.

I also have to mention that in between me typing all this, my brother hits me up with a possible Crypto drop, and that I need to sign up to certain services to avail of the free coins. What annoys me so much is that things are just so strict nowadays that every service wants your personal information on their individual files – from the trading platform to their affiliated payment services. I’m actually able to finish all of this typing while I wait for ‘verification’. Quite frankly, I think it’s so unnecessary, but if I’m honest, I guess I am okay with all their requests, but I don’t necessarily trust them to handle and protect what data I trust them with.

Basing off of Naval Ravikant’s Tweet on hobbies I guess I can ask these sub-questions, each day:

In what way have you made yourself fitter? Exercise. Lesser quantity, higher quality food intake.

In what way have you made yourself smarter? Well, by this buzzer-beater of an article. Lots of things clarified, lots of things to go back to. And I sort of hate to say this, because I don’t know if I’m only kidding myself but what the hell – I’ve learned the importance of range and timing in individual (virtual) combat, and in the process, I found a start point to talk about the Overwhelming Year of 2022, as well as the Practical Love, Tactical Grace, and the Strategic Peace that overflows in and through us because of Christ and His overwhelming finished work.

In what way have you made yourself money? Good question. Well, it’s a buzzer beater too, and not really, because I signed up for ByBit, and up until now I’m still waiting for approval of my verification request.

Earlier today I tweeted about how goals keep us in line in the long term, but systems are for us to continue to function even when we don’t feel like it.

Right now as I back-read on all this I suppose that should be a criteria for anything I want to consider as part of my system has to help me get fitter, smarter, and/or richer. The more it applies to each of these, the higher priority it gets – for it does have a greater chance, for me at least, to be overwhelmed.

I think that’ll be all for now. I am feeling sleepy. Just need to post this and to continue tomorrow.

And I pray tomorrow I get more done.

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