So today I’ve been called to pray over at the dedication of a new business, and then to pray as an opening to a friend’s kid’s birthday.

Being raised Episcopalian and being introduced to the Book of Common Prayer in my earlier days, I guess I thought I’d prepare by way of typing a template of sorts.

For Businesses

Father, You are the source of Life, the source of Light, and the source of Love. We thank You, that though this may be a mystery to the world, You have surely made Yourself known through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Indeed, it is through Christ that we know You, and we have peace, for You know us, and nothing can separate us from Your love.

We thank You, Father, for as You are the source of Life, Light, and Love, so from You come provisions. You have provided for us since our first breath, and surely, even in this pandemic, You continue to provide for us.

We thank You, Father, for You did not stop at providing for us; for more than provision, You have provided us with the wisdom to use what you have given us, that we would be effective and efficient, that we would multiply that which You have entrusted to us.

And so it is with gratitude, Father, that we lift up (N), and his/her/their business, (N), by Your overflowing grace, You have provided for them, and You have given them the ideas, the motivation, and the inspiration to focus their provisions on this business.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, continue to give (N) divine wisdom and revelation in all of their decisions, and plans. You have plans to prosper (N), and not to harm him/her/them.

Prosper the works of (N)’s hands, but You do the same for each and every person who is part of this venture.

Let perfect health, safety, and favour be upon every employee, from the top to the bottom. Let a distinct blessing fall upon everyone who enters and leaves these doors.

(As this is a contact center business, I added the following)

Bless (N)’s current and future clients. May they continue to prosper, as this business prospers.

Let every call made here be blessed with valuable lessons and memories. May every agent has favor with whoever they speak to on the other line.

May city services and their Internet connection be reliable and stable.

(Insert other declarations here)

All this we ask through Your Son Jesus Christ, by Him, with Him, and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

All honor and glory is Yours, Almighty Father, now and forever. Amen.

For Birthdays

Heavenly Father, we praise You. You have been faithful to us in the past, You continue to be faithful to us today, and we have faith, that through Your Son Jesus Christ, we can be confident in Your faithfulness in the days to come.

Father, we thank You, for You have certainly been faithful to (N), and we join his/her family in celebrating today. We see clearly how You have watched over (N) this last year, and we know You will continue to present Your absolute goodness to Him in the years to come.

And so I declare Your continued blessings upon (N) and his/her family; Through Christ, You bless him/her, You keep him/her, Your face shines upon him/her, and You are gracious to him/her. Through Christ, You lift Your countenance upon him/her, and in all of his/her days, You will not only give him/her peace, but You Yourself ARE his/her Peace.

I speak the same for his/her family, for all of us celebrating with them today, and for all the families we represent. May we all continue to celebrate Your perfect and everlasting faithfulness.

All this we ask through Your Son Jesus Christ, by Him, with Him, and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

All honor and glory is Yours, Almighty Father, now and forever. Amen.

I must say, that’s always an awesome way to end a prayer. Not necessarily with the singsong voice but the words say it all.

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