Day 24.

Well, it was supposed to be ‘Flow’, but I guess ‘Movement’ is fine as well.

I need to flow. Traffic jams don’t make as much sense until the cars up front start moving. Then it’s clear how everyone else moves. We all need to flow to make sense of things. We all need to start off with a couple of words, to all sorts of sentences, and then paragraphs.

We all need to start off with a burpee. A burpee turns to 10 burpees, and soon enough you hit 250 burpees. That is, 250 2-pump (2 pushup) burpees, all in less than an hour. God, that workout killed me today.

Anyway yeah, we all need to start off with a video. A video turns into a season, and pretty soon you have a series. So it is with a photo. You take a photo. Then a next one, then a next; then you suddenly have a concept post complete with a theme and a set of photos appropriate to the said theme.

We all need to start off with a pilot meeting. Soon enough, with enough meetings, you eventually win the hearts and minds of at least some key players, and then eventually what you leave behind will grow on its own, for you to start meetings elsewhere.

We all need to move. We all need to flow. The hardest step is the first step, but it gets easier and easier until you jump to new hard steps – if that makes any sense.

We’ve established this: Your answer to the question, ‘Who loves you?’ can pretty much be your Foundation. And, with that said, how else can you honor your Foundation than by flowing, testing the beliefs you’ve built upon your Foundation?

You flow and you honor your beliefs by putting them to the test instead of keeping them as hypothetical. Consequently, when you honor your beliefs, you are honoring the foundation they are built upon – and what remains becomes stronger, and what is washed away is either discarded or brought back to the drawing board for reconsideration.

Flow, and prove your Foundation. With every word you speak, you flow. With every move you make, you flow. Thoughts and ideas flow out to address every conversation, just as they would when we post on Social Media – even if there is much to be said about the ‘heart’ behind every instant messenger conversation, make no mistake – thoughts and ideas flow out and are exchanged even in these ‘heartless’ applications as well.

Do yourself a favor, and flow. Don’t allow yourself to stagnate. Move as much as you can, talk as much as you can, share as much as you can, and in so doing, learn as much as you can, that you can bless as much as you can. The cycle is infinite – or, rather, as infinite as the Foundation stands; and what better Foundation is there than the sure and firm Foundation of Jesus Christ?

For it is Jesus Christ who lay down His life and rose again, for the reconciliation and eternal salvation and joy and hope of all who would believe in Him. Through His finished work He was given the name above every other name – and we know this because of His resurrection, which was the indication of His authority even over death itself… And since death reigned over everything, to say that Christ reigned over Death means, therefore, that Christ now reigns over all things seen and unseen.

This is why we say there is no stronger Foundation than Christ, no Foundation more faithful than Christ. He is the Rock on whom we stand.

For a moment there I was talking on flowing, and I was talking about moving, only to be flowing and overflowing in words and thoughts over the greatest Foundation of all – the Rock from whom waters of Life flow like an eternal river, The Rock who is also the Water of Life, the Living Word – No less than Christ Himself.

He deserves all the glory and praise, and yet He insists, by the laying down of His body and shedding of His blood, that He not only saves us, but commits to be with us forever. Imagine that! The Creator of the universe not only loving you with a perfect love, but lavishing you with an everlasting love that is faithful to you forever!

I really needed to flow. I really needed to exhort, and to just overflow that which was in my heart; for these past days have been laced with the poison of confusion, and I have been stuck, and out of being stuck, I have certainly been so frustrated.

I needed to flow, to make sense of things. I thought I needed to read – which I did, but I find this not only cathartic, but liberating right now.

Perhaps that’s what you need to do. However you do it – through words on a blog or written on a notebook, through words spoken or sung, shot in photos or videos, to yourself or to a loved one or a group, you owe it to yourself to flow, and to flow constantly.

This is not an option for you to make a choice on, sadly, especially if you belong to the body of Christ. Friend, Christian friend, know that you are in full and complete union with no less than the infinite Creator, and it is in your nature; you were built to flow. You were built to overflow the goodness of the infinite God which you as a finite being could not possibly contain.

It’s either you flow like a river, or let it all accumulate as a dam would try to stop an infinite river… only to burst. Either way, the river will continue to flow – best to trust our Savior to be wisdom for the times you need to direct the waters.

Flow, move, and don’t stop. In this world which the enemy constantly threatens to consume in fire, we need to flow rivers of living water; as we have been ministered to, so we bless this world.

Flow, move, and don’t stop flowing. Don’t stop moving.

God bless you.

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