Day 1.

I love Mondays. In this part of the world it’s the start of a new week, and therefore it’s an opportunity to start new things.

Today I started a new workout routine. It’s the Iron Wolf April 2021 Challenge, and I must say, it’s already a killer. I did a whole bunch of burpees in a small amount of time, and there were pullups in between. I also went back to the Athlean X 6-Pack challenge.

Today I started listening to a new Audible book, Beyond Talent by John Maxwell. Easier to listen to compared to the book I just finished, which I will mention later in this article. I’ve seen the need to pay attention to this book as most of my sermons for the next quarter will be based on it, and I am thrilled to see how it all connects to Christ and His finished work.

Today we started a soft launch for the official Facebook Page of the Good News Aces, what I call my core group for the Sunday Afternoon service over at church. I’ve gone as far as creating it, and uploading a profile picture and a cover photo.

Today I started trading again. I’m following certain principles of detecting a trend and expecting price change and breakouts at certain times of the day. So far, I lost one, but I won one, which means I’m in profit. More of this to come, but more importantly, more activity means more clarification on the strategy which will be formulated.

Today I started eating a little cleaner. I started taking supplements in place of snacking, and of my 2 meals, one of them was oatmeal and more of the good meal replacement stuff.

Today, I ended the March module for the communications consultancy program I was asked to create and execute for a company I’d rather not mention here. I’m learning a lot from there, about how I can improve more than anything else.

Today I ended the Audible for Jordan Peterson’s the 12 Rules of Life. Deeper than I expected, I may need to go back to some parts in the future.

Here are the rules, off of my memory:

  1. Stand up with your shoulders straight
  2. Treat yourself like someone you’re responsible in helping
  3. Make friends with people who want the best for you
  4. Set your own house in order before you criticize others
  5. Don’t make your children do anything to make them dislike you
  6. Prioritize the meaningful, and not the expedient
  7. Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie
  8. Be precise in your speech
  9. ?
  10. ?
  11. Don’t disturb children while they are skateboarding
  12. Pet a cat when you see one on the street

They aren’t in correct order and they certainly aren’t verbatim. But I will definitely need to re-listen rule 11, I didn’t really understand it, or I didn’t focus while I was walking and listening.

Moving on. Today, I am continuing my personal activity logging and scheduling via Excel file. It’s working good for me, and though I see it as a chore, I see it as a necessary chore so I’m on track and I see progress.

Today, I am continuing my aim to hit 10000 steps a day. It’s working very well for me. I am continuing my goal of scanning one family album a day, while watching (at least) one episode of Vikings, just so I catch up and finish season 6, where I left off last time.

So that’s a lot to start, finish, and continue. I’ve started this as well – I mean, writing 1000 words a day – and I hope I could squeeze out a bit more.

Before I rest tonight I will try to dust off and start reading Frank Herbert’s Dune, limiting the YouTube videos I watch, from my assumption that it’s the only way to get me sleepy.

And I will sleep soon, because I do want to shoot the sunrise tomorrow.

I know I’m logging my activities in a separate Excel file, so most of the stuff I do will be there for my own consumption, but moving forward, I will probably be sharing more insights here, as I go down this series of starts, ends, and continues.

It was a good Monday, today. And as I see it, Mondays will always be good.

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