Hosanna – A Palm Sunday Message

“Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

  • Matthew 21:9, Mark 11:10, John 12:13

Across the 4 Gospels, whoever thought to chronicle Christ’s entry to Jerusalem was clear on on thing. They wanted everyone who would be reading, that the people lay their garments and palm branches on the path of the donkey carrying the Nazarene, saying, ‘Hosanna!’

They did not say ‘Halleluyah!’ They did not extol by saying ‘Praise God’, or ‘Lift the name of Lord!’; no, they said ‘Hosanna!’.

According to Google, this was what to say in recognition of more than an authority, but of a savior.

In other words, the multitudes were welcoming this Man, riding on a donkey, recognizing that He was, indeed, Jesus. It is no coincidence that the Son of God’s name was Yeshua, which literally means, ‘God saves.

And they did not stop at just ‘Hosanna!’ – no, they were shouting out, ‘Hosanna in the highest!’ – Friends, they were proclaiming that Jesus Christ was not just A savior, but THE Savior.

Christ is certainly incomparable in measure to anything else that could take us out of bad circumstances, and/or bring us into better circumstances. If He were to be forced into a hierarchy, He would certainly be at the top.

We could cry out to the Lord for the greatest of blessings, or complete rescue from the worst of circumstances – there is certainly nothing wrong with this.

We may have our own ideas of how God saves us. We may believe in what others say about how God saved them, or how He can save us. It is easy to testify about the goodness of God when you have real-world examples, and especially personal memories of how He was good to you – He may have saved you from an unfortunate circumstance, or He may have made your circumstances better.

It is the same way we could appreciate money, a good partner, good children, or a presidential pardon saving us from a lethal injection. It is the same way we would appreciate still coming out of a situation with 2 arms and 2 legs even if we caused the problem.

It is the same way we appreciate one and many vaccines. They take us out of bad circumstances, and/or they bring us into better circumstances.

These, and many things may speak of the goodness of God and are saviors of their own accord; and we would definitely take off our own coats and rip off branches out of trees in order to honor and praise them.

I am here to remind every one of us that the salvation that we have from this Man is not necessarily according to our flawed preferences, but is the best thing that could ever happen to us, no matter who we are or what circumstances we’re in.

Why are we saying Hosanna in the highest today? It is our way of saying that we have no idea how to save ourselves, but we are thankful that God sent us Christ, who is the Savior above all saviors.

He is the Savior above all salvation that there is to be had because (1) He healed us of the greatest disease any of us could ever have, one we all have, and (2) It’s not that He gave us salvation, but because He is alive in us, and because we are alive in Him, Christ HIMSELF is our Salvation.

It is one thing for you to look at someone bringing you benefits, versus looking at someone who himself is the benefit. And that is certainly what we have been seeing through this month.  

He is the Greatest Servant; in that He took our Hell for us to be reconciled to God.

He is the Greatest Teacher, who by bestowing us with the deepest and widest love we could ever have, enables us to teach the multitudes, and to mentor those of us in the church.

He is the Greatest Healer, who took our greatest disease, through His everlasting healing and restoration.

He is THE Redeemer, absolute above any other cure or solution creation could ever think for itself, He is Creator who saves Creation by being one with Creation.

He is the literal representation of the Salvation that God gives for one and all. That is how we ought to see Christ today.

And, perhaps, like the people of Jerusalem who did not know any better, we would say, ‘Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!’

Christus Salvator, Christus Victor.

Let’s pray.

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