The Truth Above The Tools: Musings On Foundation

The principle of Foundation is one I would like to invest more and more time and thought into, hence this sudden post. I’m doing this without going back to my original article on the topic, to see what remains.

To say that everyone worships something is true. It’s as if worship was built into each and every human being. However, I would like to take a look into this from another perspective, and say that everyone has a foundation. Everyone has something or someone that they worship, and worship is considering something or someone a foundation, or a reason for being, a reason for living, a reason for moving.

Everyone has a foundation. Everyone has a reason to breathe. Everyone has someone or something that keeps them functioning. Everyone has energy, a force behind their actions.

Anything and everything has the potential to be someone’s Foundation. Or, we have the freedom to choose who or what gives us the reason to live, to move, and to be. People stand on money and possessions – they may not say it, but take these things away from them, and watch them crumble. People can also consider their jobs, their actions, their careers as what makes them get out of bed in the morning. We also call our loved ones our Foundation: Wives, Husbands, Children, Parents, Brothers, Friends and Family – We move for their happiness, and when they are happy, so we are happy.

People are passionate about causes and make it their entire lives to support a movement, religion, political party, and/or ideology. Politicians born to lead stand on the nation they rule over, to function. Policemen and Soldiers sometimes pay the ultimate price for others to keep on living, for the honour of the state and its constituents.

It could be a combination of these things or people: I’ve heard people say that they stay in a job and function there primarily because the insurance the company supports them with is a great help to their families. People with the same passion live for themselves and the passion they’re in, and that’s why they take extra care of the possessions they have as they are tools critical for what they call their Foundation.

There’s nothing wrong – absolutely nothing wrong from drawing strength from all we could see in this life, but I submit that there could be something entirely deeper. There’s something underneath the surface.

See, beyond what it seen is what is unseen, and the Bible (yep) says that what is unseen is eternal. And of all the adjectives that we in the Christian faith can attribute to who we say we worship (and inadvertently call our Foundation), I choose to just be in awe over the truth of God’s omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence; demonstration of how God is beyond the limits of time, beyond the borders of space. God is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. He is the Maker of Time and Space and is therefore unencumbered, unbound by Time and Space.

This infinite God cannot be quantified. He is above quantification. We often imagine infinity as a very large number, but He is Creator of BOTH positive and negative values, beyond what our created brains can fathom. He was before zero as much as He is beyond Absolute Infinity.

Christ, Son of God, one of His titles being Beginning and the End, First and the Last.. As Creator, He is the Alpha, and yet became Omega not only by stepping away from infinite glory to be as one of Creation. Conceived with the Holy Spirit, born out of a virgin’s womb, Creator became Creation and therefore was limited by time, and bound by space.

Christ lived with us, grew with us, talked with us, walked with us. He ate with us, slept as one of us, cried with us, laughed at our jokes. He had use and saw all there was to be seen about our nature in such a small amount of time, and He was not content to exist as we existed; In the ultimate act of mercy and reconciliation He lay down His life as a sheep was offered as a sacrifice.

A sacrifice offered in accordance to the Law dies, and stays dead, guaranteeing reconciliation for a season. However, the Word says that death could not hold Christ down. This means that He was true to His word when He said that He would drain the cup down to its dregs, taking all judgment that we deserved; His resurrection, His triumph over death means that we have not only been reconciled for a season, but for all time, and for all eternity.

I apologize if I went off the rails a little bit there, but I go through testifying to declare that anyone and everyone who calls themselves Christians would do very well to dig deeper, until they discover that there is an unshakeable, unbreakable Foundation that we stand on – no less than Jesus Christ, and His finished work towards us.

Beneath any and all created things that we can place our hopes on, we have Christ as our Foundation. In fact, as we understand that Christ is our Foundation, everything else we see and feel and touch are, at best, tools. The differentiation is made more apparent, the more we just draw power and peace from an infinite source, more than making anything in Creation more than it actually is.

So if we were to idolize anything, let it be Christ. If we were to obsess over anyone, let it be the person of Christ – not our thoughts and fantasies of Christ, but the actual Son of God, who, while we failed to reach Him, reached down to us instead, in love and mercy.

If we were to overthink, let us overthink on the finished work of Christ, and find rest for our souls, peace for our minds. For, more than anything, it is in Christ that we live, in Christ that we move, and in Christ that we have our being.

It’s one of my Uncle Henry’s favorite verses, and it’s certainly one of mine.

Even more on the Foundation, coming very soon.

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