Active Celebration

In the process of flowing, or in the process of building upon foundation, here is a thought, a principle to consider.

Active Celebration is the idea of intentional appreciation. It comprises of creation, curation, collaboration, connection, ultimately any action overflowing from our beings which could not contain the wonder and amazement we have over the infinite and eternal.

I specify the ‘infinite and eternal’ only because anything that is finite naturally fills us up (if at all) for a limited time – it may last for centuries, and it may be embraced by tribes and generations, but this does not change the fact that it has an end. No, Active Celebration has to be of something that lasts forever, or the celebration fades eventually.

It is for this reason that Active Celebration can only be for and from Christ and His finished work.

Christ, the Son of God, laying aside His glory to be born as one of us, fully God and fully Man; not content to live among us as one of us, He lay down His life as a sacrifice, satisfying the demands of the Law, becoming sin that we would become righteous, reconciling us by His death.

After the events known this day as Pentecost, the Apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, proclaimed the Gospel to one and all in one and many tongues, that people hailing from numerous tribes recognized how they were all speaking the wondrous works of God. When confronted Peter mentioned that though Christ was crucified and died, He rose from the third day, shedding light on His deity when he said that (even) death could not hold Him down, and therefore Christ naturally rose from the dead, a new creation, therefore saving us by His life.

Here and now I celebrate how an infinite Saviour could do nothing less than render an infinite salvation upon all who believe, one that guarantees, as Paul wrote to the Romans, how we can never be separated from the love of God.

We celebrate by way of creation – through our own beings as individuals, our bodies, minds, and/or souls generate praise and worship out of gratitude and wonder.

We celebrate by way of curation – through recognizing the works of other entities, individuals or groups who themselves have generated praise and worship out of an overflow of gratitude and wonder.

We celebrate by way of collaboration – by working as a team of two or more, we birth praise and worship in forms which may never have come into the light alone.

We celebrate by way of connection – by reaching out to others in reconciliation or otherwise out of the everlasting love God has for us, we involve them in creation, curation, and/or collaboration.

There is more to say about this but I thought, tonight, that it was something that needed to be built by way of writing the foundational thoughts to build on, just like we would continue building and improving on our foundation, and as we flow, and flow again.

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