All Things For Good, For Life, Forever (or, The Names of G-d: ‘Elohim’)

The Lord certainly shines in faithfulness and goodness, even when we’re hungover and high-strung at dawn. Thoughts while encoding in parentheses. Presenting as-is (Raw, SOOC as we say in Photography) because I’m beating a schedule. -JB

The Lord inhabits the praises of His people,So let us praise Him, so let us praise HimThe Lord inhabits the praises of His people,So let us bless His holy name!

That song was catchy and it certainly resonates with me now. I’m not sure why I’m up at 5 in the morning, today, August 1. But I will bless His holy name, all the same. Plus points for impact, that rhymed. 

And, really, thank God for the little things. The subtle ideas which become big fixed. The single words that mean novels. The slight gestures with the greatest of impacts. We have a God, who, by Christ’s finished work, has caused all things to work together for our good. Or, just good. 

ALL things, to WORK TOGETHER, for GOOD.

ALL Things – Small or big, seen or unseen, intentional, un-intentional, comprising all senses, all things. ALL things. Not some things, ALL things, including nothing. 

*The opposite of everything is not nothing, but rather, some things. Or, not JUST nothing, but anything less than everything. Anything less than everything is not everything.

Again, ALL things. 

WORK TOGETHER – By no means independent? All things work together, implying that existence of a relationship between one thing and another. 

It’s not for us to say how, but one thing is an effect of another, just as it is also be the cause of another things (sic)(hungover, indeed) just as it is also the cause of another thing. What happens, it happens (?). 

And, if I am to play with this thought, am I to say that we do what we do out of cause, and also out of effect? I drank and got drunk. I got drunk, and woke up early. I felt great, and now I write. 

ALL things have their own cause and effect, and are part of greater causes, contributing to greater effects. In this perspective, they work together; simply beyond our means to comprehend why and how, but only to acknowledge WHO oversees all of it. 

*And only God can cause ALL things; and only God, beyond space and time, God, whom I call AllFather (along with the Vikings – great series, BTW), or just Father – Creator of Time and Space, Father of All. 

My Father is the Father of All. Good. 

Jumped the gun there, but that was (too) good (to pass on).

for GOOD – “for good”, meaning “forever”? (Or, “forever” the same way we say “for good”?) Implying eternal, timeless impact? Implying that what is good, is eternal? Implying that all that is good, or rather, good and eternal no matter what “bad” we perceive?

May(be what) we understand of good (ought to) implies imply more of “Life” than it is of “right” and “wrong”?

For we see how God is good, but more than good, He is Life. Thoughts higher than ours, ways beyond our own, He is alive – more than a good God, He is THE Living God, Elohim

How pleasant, how this comes together. All good is life, and life is all good. 

You can operate from the cause of right or wrong, but your effects would still be dead. 

Christ’s finished work is both cause and effect, in that it is Life. Christ is Life, for Life, for Good. 

(Thought Aftermath)

This is my play time, under a roof, under the free sky, travelling without moving. Being, I breathe and I be. Not God by any means, but what’s better is I am WITH God, I HAVE God, and He has me. 

Consider: He did all of the work, and He does all the work – Absurd? Perhaps, without consideration of Christ’s cause and effect; And that all that’s good is eternal. 

“Am I only dreaming, or is this ‘burning’ an eternal flame?’


Funny, how all this comes up, in spite of the present physical state I’m in. Hung over, early in the morning.

Maybe I should sleep again. I appreciated this time. 

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