What In Tarnation?

May 20, 2019. 30 Days to Write, Day 4

Tell you honestly, there’s been a lot of writing between the last 30D2W post and this one. No, really.

There’s been a lot of slacking, too, a lot of edging, and a lot of distraction. A lot of introspection. A lot of unnecessary analysis leading to paralysis. A lot of self pity leading to whatever rhymes with pity and means a huge ass-load of wasted time.

And through all that, the writing has been, I don’t know, more for me than for y’all.

And so I’m back. Well, not really knowing what to write here right now, but I will say this – it really does help to focus on one thing at a time, and to really recognise the time you put in to whatever you’re doing. Case in point: work. You can choose to try to multitask as I very well did – by trying to squeeze in the stuff i should be doing in Social Media in between my workload… and you can be guaranteed more time wasted than earned.

If you want to do something, then do that thing and then go back to what you ought to be doing. Stop this nonsense about keeping your efficiency score up, and get some actual shit done.

Today, in intervals between and after my work shifts, I’ve stepped away from the work to dedicate myself to either completing 3 sets of a workout, or refueling/decompressing. And right now, I’m halfway through the hour I’ve set for Social Media. I have 3 posts scheduled, a couple posts done, and now I’m working on this post, reviving my 30 day challenge.

This seems to be how it’s working for me for now. Somehow, it was a help for me to speak with a dear Pastor I follow online, around a month and a half ago. He told me that I need to figure myself out, and that I needed to set myself free of this subtle ‘law’ that demands daily, if not hourly adventure and exhilaration – Now that I’m talking about it, I took that in the sense that I should look at my bucket list and really evaluate what I want to do…

…because what he said was true: If you really wanted to do something, you would already have done it, or at least started on it, without really thinking about it.

So, again, I’m back here. Thank God for that. Not really much substance in today’s posts, but I can assure you, this will change in the coming days. There was a time in my blog where I mentioned there was too much life happening to write all about it… well, this remains true, but it wouldn’t really help me if I just let it all pass by without leaving words here and there for posterity – because as I have learned, it’s not as much for a legacy to leave, more than clarity to be had.

Writing certainly has its potential to soothe, and to just allow those who use it to relax.

Quick wins today: I finished reading Creature of the Word by Matt Chandler for the second time. I’ve started reading The Hurt and the Healer by Andrew Farley and Bart Miller. I’m back to watching what I eat – last meal I had was my drink, a couple of hard boiled eggs, and peanuts.

Again, I’ve posted, I’m about to post, and I will post some more.


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