A Stance For All Seasons (On Confidence and Dominance)

So my last post was a cleaned-up post from notes on a clean slate, which was cleaned of my random ramblings to contain a minimum number of points. We start this post with one of those ramblings.

The idea of inspiring Christian people to be the best versions of themselves, both spiritually (Xyrus) and physically (Gabe) can be the common idea by which we draw together.

Apparently, it also helps to have the correct stance. Mindset, yes. Perspective, yes. But stance? I haven’t really realized it until now but in the light of all that is going on, I see stance is something that I’ve needed to work on, and the time is ripe for that.

Our stance as men ought to be one of confidence, one of dominance. Yes, that last word may have its negative connotations, but what I’m referring to is mastery over life. Big words, right? Well, perhaps all it is is merely placing focus on the fact that we are progressive.

This means, first and foremost, that we acknowledge hindrances and problems. While we respect them for what they are, we don’t praise or worship them by any means. No, we place our focus and emphasis on the fact that we can move forward. It may be in baby steps and/or at a snail’s pace, but we will always move forward.

I say that this is something I’ve needed to work on simply because I enjoyed being the victim. I find that I would tend to find and focus on drama in my life. In case there wasn’t anything I would make mountains out of anthills just so that I’m in that constant defeatist attitude – one that may have passed for me as aggression, but ultimately one of being a victim.

Our confidence and dominance exude from mastery. The ironic and equally exciting perspective around this is that mastery is the same as perfection: it’s something that we cannot truly achieve, much less keep and/or maintain. I say this not to discourage, but to encourage a never-ending journey of progression.

Now in the light of grand strategy, I think this plays out beautifully. The discernment to know when to work as foxes or hedgehogs has us ultimately remembering that the destination may not be possible, or even certain, but the foundation certainly is. And, as Christians, what better assurance of foundation can anyone ever hope to have than the Rock, who is Jesus Christ?

In Christ, we move and have our being. In Christ, we are able to address the needs of the present, and in the immediate vicinity, while also being able to discern when to ‘go home’ for realignment, refreshing, and really, for reminders of the reconciliation we have with the Creator. In Christ, we move either as foxes or hedgehogs, and in case of the latter, we stand on one important thing: more than a word, but a living Word, in whom we have our home, and who has made us His dwelling place, temples of His Holy Spirit.

This setup is perfect. It’s just that we are fond of putting the lid on a cup that would otherwise be overflowing consistently. Comments like, ‘Alam ko na yan!’ are examples of such covers. These covers come from a pre-emptive ‘confidence’ and an imaginary ‘dominance’ which hinders progression. But if we think that we can manufacture confidence and assume dominance on our own, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

To my non-Tagalog readers, ‘Alam ko na yan’ is a pretty common line Filipinos say when they think they know all there is to know about something.

Fortunately, in Christ we are inspired AND humbled at the same time, to recognize how He remains to be a solid foundation no matter what we may encounter in this life. We stand on Christ, the solid Rock. And in Him, we have a hope which serves as an anchor for our souls. It is from these reliable, Biblical truths that our confidence and dominance come forth.

This is what it means to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We are shown the Truth of God’s unstoppable and everlasting love, whether it be in the small details or established time and time again as our universal Truth. And though we are amazed, speechless in awe and wonder, the possibility of us responding by standing fast, in confidence and dominance,

Though I may sound like a broken record, I will say this: We do not move in confidence and dominate in order for God to love us. No, as we are loved by God, proven once and for all through Christ and His finished work, we are confident, and as men, we dominate.

No longer do I need to find excuses to procrastinate – but with boldness and confidence, I can dominate everything that I have in mind, all the plans that I have in my head.

Fellows, this is a stance we can maintain in all things, yet not by our own strength, but in the certainty, reliability, and sheer faithfulness of our Foundation, our Rock – no less than the Author and Finisher of our faith, who is Jesus Christ.

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