A N O M A L Y : Hero


By definition, an anomaly is an entity or event that is not expected. It is something different, peculiar; it is a deviation from the common rule. All that was from Merriam-Webster.
Picture the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, together forever in eternity, in an infinite and boundless heaven; they are so bound together that though they are separate entities, they are considered one in the sense that they are all God. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. And as God is the Beginning and the End, as He is the Alpha and Omega, He is perfect and eternal. All that comes from them has the Maker’s mark of being perfect and eternal.
Our limited minds can only speculate and go so far as to understand what perfection is, much less the length of eternity (Romans 11:34, Job 36:26). However, we can know attributes linked to perfection and eternity, from what the Bible says He is, and He is good (Psalm 119:68). From this we could say that goodness is a part of perfection, and that you cannot have goodness apart from perfection.
From God’s word we learn that God does not just have love, but He Himself IS love (1 John 4:8). This implies (1) that love is not just something that you do, but is something that your entire being is involved in, and (2) that, as mentioned earlier, you cannot have true love apart from the perfection that is God Almighty.
Yet we also learn that eternity is not a static amount of time; no, we learn that forever has no beginning and has no end. We see here that the properties of true love share properties with God; in the sense that it not only stretches on and on, but there was never a specific time that God started loving. He has always loved.
How does this apply to us? Well, think of it this way. Before anything else that was came into being, there was God, and therefore there was love. When all that we see came to be, it was from God, and it was from love.
God created all things in love, and He saw that it was all good. Even the Tree of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was good. Now, God didn’t say it was wrong to eat it, but He was certainly serious in saying that if man and woman ate of it, they would die. My perspective here is that the fruit was too good for creation to consume – only the Creator can know how to handle the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
(Side note: Why was it in the form of fruits? They could have been the Book of Life and the Book of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; could it just be that what we eat has far more effects on our beings?)
Note that I am not calling the event of man eating the fruit as an anomaly; as far as I can perceive, I believe that God is certainly aware of any and all possibilities at all times – It’s nothing for a God not bound by time and space. He’s not in control (at least, the way the majority of us define control), but He is certainly in charge. On a related note, we don’t ‘make Him first‘ because He is first, AND the last.
But hitching back onto our train of thought, God is in charge, and since God IS love, He is lovingly in charge.
And it has always been this way through the centuries, even through the rebellious antics of the Israelites under the Judges, and through the accomplishments and the failures of the Kings, down the ages… Eternity watched as the universe was spiraling into entropy and and oblivion. Empires rose and fell, and while civilization was progressing from a prominent perspective, mankind as a whole was headed for ruin.
The Old Testament in part chronicled centuries of Israel trying again and again to reach God. Yet this was all for naught, for creation was trying according to their performance by adhering to the Creator’s standards. I see Malachi, in the end of the Old Testament, rebuking none more than the priests, the representatives of the nation before God, for what I interpret as complacency. It was as if Israel was giving up, but they weren’t giving in.
And, God, Creator of Time, decided when the time was full and right for Jesus Christ to be born into this world (Galatians 4:4-7). This already was a ridiculous thought – for the Creator to become the creation, to leave perfection and eternity, traversing realities to be bound by space and time. Equally scandalous was the fact that He was born of a virgin – Joseph, Mary’s husband, certainly found it odd at the least.
To the sick, He brought healing unexpectedly, without having them go to the temple, and to the hungry, He brought bread, enough to fill 5000 suddenly in the wilderness. Yet though those who professed themselves as superior by virtue of the Law could have approved of these feedings, they certainly could not swallow the words that came from this Nazarene’s mouth. You could imagine them talking among themselves, or tweeting Trump-style – ‘This fellow claims that He saw Abraham! Absurd!’; ‘Yeah he healed that paralyzed guy but for him to say he can forgive sins?! BLASPHEMOUS!’
People approached Him for what they could get from Him. Then there were the prostitute and the tax collectors who were drawn to Him, and the Pharisees hounded Him for that… yet no matter where anyone thought they stood in the moral spectrum, He did something confounding.
Christ, the only Son of God, came down and lived as one of us, and He certainly could have conquered the way the people expected Him to… But not even His disciples were ready for what was to come. Not only did He lay down His life, He subject Himself to suffer the most painful and humiliating death.
Here was a Man, a King, who a good number of people thought could usher in events to ensure Israel’s freedom from Roman occupation… Beaten, bleeding, naked, with a mocking crown of thorns driven down on His head, crying out at the cross, to ‘Eli’, ‘why, why have you forsaken me!?’
Yet it was exactly in crushing defeat where Christ guaranteed His heroic, glorious victory. Paul says in the Book of Romans that by His death we were reconciled to God. Christ won, and we were the prize. By His death, not only a was a nation saved, but the veil was torn, the doors were swung wide, and God’s glory came running to ALL of us, just like the loving Father ran to meet his prodigal son!
And just as His disciples were probably at their worst state emotionally, imagine the hope literally exude out of them as they rushed to see an empty tomb. Imagine the shock and awe as they saw this man, who, just days ago, was arrested, beaten, tortured, humiliated, and killed… suddenly, unexpectedly, fully ALIVE. Imagine the collective abandonment from reason as they marveled at the pierced hands, feet, and side of the Man they would call their Savior and God.
Christ’s victory was not one of military importance, but infinitely superior, as it was of eternal significance!
From a limited perspective we can understand how this can be confounding. How this is something unexpected, even unbecoming for a great God. However, it would definitely be of our benefit to understand that the confounding Christ and His outrageous work – His birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension – were all according to God’s perfect and everlasting love.
God does not just give love, but IS love, and we understand that our complete salvation is something that He does, because that’s who He is. The finished work of Christ infinitely exceeded what any of us could have expected.
Who we thought was an Anomaly brought us back into eternity. What a Hero. What a Savior.
Thank You, Jesus.
Happy Reformation Day. Sola Scriptura. Sola Gratia. Sola Fide. Solus Christus. Soli Deo Gloria.

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