Short-Sighted (After ‘Vision’)

So I’m home, after preaching on vision, and as the title implies, and as I have been saying a lot lately, it could be better.

However, I am thankful to the group that bore with me as I spoke. They seemed to be nice enough to show some appreciation, and now I’m left evaluating what I talked about, probably in an effort to document what I really wanted to say on the topic of vision. Here are some of the points that made their way through:

  • Vision is important but it is not the main thing. I pointed out moments in my own life when my focus was placed on the wrong thing, and I was left heartbroken and hurt otherwise.


  • Stand on faith. Indeed, walk in the faith Christ paid the greatest price for you to have, lest you be consumed by sight and all you have before you. I felt unusually down when I saw my car needed more attention to the point that I couldn’t even get it out of the house now. For some reason, every other negative thing that showed up on social media after that was easily able to tear me down. I failed to mention how it helped to worship and to sing of God’s goodness during these times.


  • Vision is what you want to see in front of you, but perspective is what you see right now. It’s what you believe, right now. Perspective is the foundation to your vision; if your perspective is one of work and effort, then you can expect your vision to be birthed out of work and effort.

It wasn’t much, it wasn’t correlated in my opinion. I ended the whole thing with a prayer. Definitely need to work on making the most of the talk-time I have, in respect to those who listen.

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