[011717] A Humble, Mindful Father by Oscar Magallanes

God is always thinking of you. Can you say that you’re always thinking about someone? Well, God is always thinking of you.
And sino nga po ba tayo, who are we that God, the Creator, the greatest of all, who are we that He thinks of us? It’s one thing that He remembers us, but He is just always mindful of us! Halleluyah!
[Are there forces in the world that want us to doubt the words behind Mainstream Media?] The forces of this world want our attention. The enemy wants our attention, do we give it to him? Well, before you even answer that question, you ought to know the Truth that as God never lets you go, this also automatically implies that God is always with you, and also, God is always thinking of you! Yes, you!
The moment we stop controlling each other, that’s the moment harmony begins. Yun naman kasi yung gusto natin, not just as Filipinos, but as human beings – gusto natin na makalamang sa lahat. (I thought Filipinos were like that, but it turns out, damn, we’re all like that in the flesh!)… While we’re here trying to get an edge above everyone else, hey, guess what – God Himself has none of that in His mind – We see His humility in the form of His Son, who had every right to demonstrate absolute superiority (and He did through countless miracles!) – but, in the end, chose to humble Himself to be the lowest of lows, beaten and absolutely humiliated before all of the world, nailed to the cross. 
It is not in achievement where God is truly seen. Humility is associated to His kindness and goodness, and it is this that leads us to repentance. It is in humility that we are placed in a position to behold God’s absolute glory sans our own demands and preferences. It’s in humility that we are able to initiate true harmony, and when we love one another, guess what – that’s where people will know that we belong to Jesus. 
Humility leads to a healthy awareness of God’s mindfulness upon us, and vice versa. 
It helps to declare. If we get emotional, let’s get emotional unto God. Let’s pour out our thoughts, but not upon the ground, but unto our Father. Let us cast our heavy burdens upon Him. As He listens to Christ, He listens to you. As Christ knows and is thankful for His Father listening to Him, so we ought to be confident that indeed, every prayer, every word, every sigh is heard by our beloved Father. He gathers all our tears, and He gently moves in front of us, within us, around us.. He’s moving in front of you, silencing every fear.. 
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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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