[011617] Philex Afternoon/Sunset Timelapse Shoot Log

I have no idea how the shots are going to come out in the computer later. I’ve setup the camera to shoot a time-lapse comprising of 700 exposures, with a 3-second interval in between. The way it looks right now, is that my camera is not having the easiest time compensating for the bright light of the sun, considering that I want to capture the movement of the rays as the clouds move. 
I’m pretty bushed right now. Besides the fact that I lack sleep, I’ve been running up and down these prime spots here in Philex. Earlier I shot 250 exposures from a higher vantage point,using the 12mm. Note to self: Sometimes 12mm can be really, really, really wide. I ran up one time to scout, then ran back down to get my stuff, ran back up to the spot, began to shoot when i saw that the scene, though beautiful, was too wide for a time lapse. The 35mm could have been a winner up there, but lo and behold, I left it in the car. So I ran down, and shot from the original spot I found… and that’s where I am right now. 35mm still seems pretty wide, if I was going to be shooting or rather zeroing-in on the rays.. but it seems to cover the expanse of the Kennon ‘valley’ just right. 
I’m not sure how all this is going to come out, but one thing’s for sure: My eyes are definitely having a feast right now. My entire body is actually quite… no, not high-strung, but just really on edge. I’m out here, just taking in the lights, the sunset, the wind, the clean air, the chirping of birds and the song of crickets, the Benguet weather, expressing myself the best way that I can without offending anyone… Whooo. This is wonderful. 
Those typing lessons back in high school really help at this time. I’m looking at the sunset just staring at all of this beauty, while at the same time typing. I get the occasional error every now and then, but right now I’m just really having fun. It’s not looking like it’ll come together according to my perception, but, really, since when was my perception any good compared to the wisdom and initiative of a God, the God who made all this? 
Yes, all I can do is capture all the lights, if only for a moment.. and while all this is beautiful, it has nothing compared to the one who made it all… and right now, now that I’m out here in His creation, it just.. it just makes me want to bw with him so much more. 
300 exposures later, and the focus has shifted from the rays to the clouds. The clouds are grey, and I intend to capture their movement, and it’s a bonus if they change color. The horizon, the sky in the distance is already a hot orange.. I’m now pretty excited to see how it’s going to turn out.
I could see Bolinao from here. One of these days, I’ll make my way there. I remember Pao. I remember how we spent that one sunset in Sto-Tomas, and she was just speechless at the view from up there. She’ll like it here. 
Indeed, the glory of the Lord through His goodness is made visible in all of creation. In times when we think that the world is overbearing and our lives have definite threats… We ought to remember that none of what happens to us escapes the eyes of our God, our Father. For the God who painted all this is a God who is for us, loving us more than we could imagine, as a Father, a true Father who would give everything for us to be with Him… and everything He gave, indeed. For even in the setting of the sun we are reminded of the sacrifice of the Son, the body and blood of Jesus Christ offered up as a sacrifice for the entire world and all we perceive as reality. His blood for our forgiveness, His resurrection for our reconciliation.
Look, it’s not that I want to make all of this such a religious experience, rather, I suppose it’s my way of making the most out of the moment. And though my camera is taking picture after picture without fail, and although I am guaranteed a good record of this time, heaven forbid that I leave out on acknowledging the one who made it all. Actually, it’s not even about me remembering… It is His goodness that has its profound and eternal effect on me that I just couldn’t resist praising Him at this time. 
So all the glory comes from Him, and apparently, all of it goes back to Him as well. 

For from Him are all things,
and to Him are all things, 
God, You truly deserve the glory. 
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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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