Sample 130 – [Dramatis Personæ] Man vs. Masala

This could have been cropped. But I guess it’s okay.

I don’t necessarily have the ‘inspiration’ it takes to write up an elaborate good word about this man right now. Just being honest. What I’m really doing is writing to just add some words to this photo. Donn would understand. This guy is the guy I asked to be the best man in my wedding with Pao. I will say that he was instrumental, no, vital in pushing someone like me to go for such an awesome lady… And I have been so blessed with her ever since.

God has and is using this man in an mighty way. I believe and declare that there are greater things to come in store for him and his wonderful family.

Thank God for Donn.

Soli Deo Gloria.

**This was taken in Ali’s House of Shawarma. Ali ensures that genuine Pakistani food is made available to the hungry people of Baguio. I’m thinking, it’d be nice to take and post a shot of him too one day. 

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