Sample 125 – All About The Youth

Thank God for this camera. It may have its quirks and I do understand how some of us in the Interwebs can get so frustrated over its performance compared to the DSLRs still currently preferred by the general public. But hey, it hasn’t disappointed.. and even if I may miss some shots or if it doesn’t focus/expose the way I would have wanted it to at times, I’m still very happy with it. Again, thank God for this camera.
Things won’t work the way we want them too more times than we would ever expect, but one beautiful thing about Christ and His finished work is that it guarantees a bright future for us, regardless of what comes up from our past, or what we see in the present, or what we try to speculate regarding our future. Our God is a God beyond time and space, and Christ is surely our Savior – past, present, and future. 
Soli Deo Gloria. Because of what Christ has done, we have seen these kids establish and strengthen relationships, and though we as administrators are physically tired, we never felt an ounce of stress when we looked over the kids as they played. 

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