Sample 124 – Remembering Mr. Caleb

Ogilby at ISO 6400

This ISO Range continues to amaze me…

…but it still has its faults. Or I still have them. 

My Mom and my extended family for the first 18 years of my life. I love them so much. 

More of my extended family at the Dining Hall. 

Mr. Caleb was one of the Headmasters in Brent Baguio. During the memorial service Mrs. Daoey was happy to tell us so much about his many contributions to the school. Apparently he was monumental in bringing back the image of Brent Baguio even after varying issues almost closed the school down. He was also responsible for opening Brent Manila (!). 
On a personal note, Mr. Caleb was the Headmaster when our family moved to Brent Baguio. He left when I was 6, and I honestly didn’t have any memories of him besides getting scared of him… That’s probably because people telling me he was the Headmaster intimidated me, even at my age when I wasn’t supposed to care about those things. He may have stooped down to talk to me once or twice or even more, but I regret to say that I couldn’t remember anything special. 
He may be gone, but what Mrs. Daoey shared about him got to me. She quoted him as saying the following: ‘Do your best; and when better times come, we shall all reap the benefits.’

Amen to that. In Christ, we are definitely at our best – and eventually, by God’s unfailing grace, the better times shall come, even when our eyes see otherwise. 
Thank God for Mr. Caleb. Soli Deo Gloria. 

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