Clearing My Pockets

So just a few minutes ago I was cleaning my wallet, checking for stuff that needed to be taken out. I took everything out – cards, papers, pictures – and placed them in a little pile. I checked every item one by one and I placed them into piles – one pile was going back to my wallet, one pile was for stuff to keep but not necessarily stay in my wallet, and the last pile was for trash. I dealt with the latter pile accordingly (it was just an outdated promo card and an expired loyalty card), and I was about to put the pile of stuff to keep into my handy dandy notebook… then I took a quick look at each item in the pile.
It was a picture of me and my workmates in Sitel Ortigas, a picture of my brother’s family before his third child was born, a picture of his daughter and his son (a baby at the time), a picture of me and my brothers in their respective uniforms, an expired cedula, and a Starbucks card. I got this message about each item:
Who you were is not who you are now: We are constantly moving from glory to glory in Christ. And in Christ, every second we are in this world is time never wasted. In Christ, all things consist. In Christ, all things work for our good. Though we may not see progress at a given time, we can be at peace knowing that God sees all things. I remember my character and attitude in Sitel, and I just have to give God all the glory for His faithfulness and love for me all this time. There are still things that need tweaking and correcting according to my perceptions, but I will rest in the fact that I am in Christ, and I am constantly moving from glory to glory. 
There are things need to be updated: Relationships need to be nourished by communication. Business matters need to be renewed or archived. 
Don’t waste what extra you have for excess: Right after finishing this article I’m listening to the 4th part of Andy Stanley’s ‘Balanced’ series, where he talks about how to handle extra resources. 
I may be overinterpreting things, or seeing too many connections, but I believe that this comes by no accident, and the Lord had a hand in it. God is faithful to give us advice when we ask for it. He is also faithful to provide revelations to us. As He draws near to us, we draw near to Him, to the point that we will be so close, close enough, as the song goes, to hear the cadence of His heart. 
The greater revelation of God’s love continues to happen. 
God bless and keep you. 
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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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