Complete Puzzle – A Random Title For A Random Article

So yesterday I expressed that I was quite intimidated that I was going to be leading worship today in our church… I mean, I do that pretty often, but it’s just that now, I was led to lead while playing a guitar. I made a lot of mistakes, but now I see more reasons to appreciate the rest of the musicians – there were many instances when I would make a mistake, but the rest of the band would be playing the correct key, “catching” me in effect. There were instances when another member of the band would be off-beat, but we would eventually correct each other. 
Thank God for these opportunities. As this day unfolded, and as each worship service passed, it was good to be in the company of the musicians; we all edified each other. I was led to express that it was just so timely that Paola gave me a guitar, just when I was lamenting the loss of my camera. From one craft, I was led to another one. 
Not to say that I have lost complete interest in photography. There are still many times when I catch myself appreciating a sunset that most people would probably call generic. I would still look at photography websites, mostly to see new and upcoming camera bodies, lenses and gear. 
There would even be times when I would imagine what I would be buying if I had a certain budget. Say, if I had 40,000 pesos, I would consider buying a used Nikon D7000 with a prime lens, either a 35mm or 50mm. Or, I could use that same money and buy a brand-new Olympus OM-D with a 12-50mm kit lens, or a Fujifilm X100 with a bag and a cheap tablet. All this would be in mind until I would tell myself, ‘I’d know my exact budget when we get things straight with the family business.’
Before my father passed away last 2011, I knew jack squat about real estate; All I knew when it came to work was more on the Call Center industry, and people with that sort of knowledge are a dime a dozen nowadays. Now, considering that my brothers have moved on, I’ve had to learn what I could about land and leasing and selling and business permits. 
Right now I just had to stop myself because I really don’t know where this is going. By God’s grace, I’m staying faithful to the 500-word a day challenge I took on, and if I have any experience in writing, it’s telling me that sometimes it’s good to babble – in this case, it’s probably good to keep babbling because there’s always going to be the certainty that eventually, if you go long enough with talking at random, you will come to a good point to share. 
Not that I consider this all as ‘babble’ – let’s just say that I’m just ‘thera-typing’ again, as I call it. Whatever pops into my mind comes to this article. 
Moving on. There you go. If there’s a point I’d like to share right now, it’s that God doesn’t waste His time. I don’t know what sort of worth this article has the way it’s going, but I know that our Heavenly Father will make it work for my good, for He is faithful. God doesn’t waste His time – He made time, and He is beyond it. He is not just here and elsewhere, but now and elsewhen – in the past, present and future. I believe we will understand so much more as events unfold leading to the fulfillment of His will. 
I may not have a direct point prepared in typing my 500-word quota today, but I know that my Father who holds my tomorrows knows what’s best for me. 
I may not have a camera right now, but I know that my Father who holds my tomorrows knows what’s best for me. 
And as I was thinking that, I was led to remember something. When our cable provider still broadcasted the Daystar network, I would tune in to the Worship Network shows and the eventual Reflections program as much as I could, because it features videos of beautiful landscapes around the world, paired with scripture and beautiful music. I got into photography because of the landscapes – okay, first it was about the ‘chicks’ but eventually the hobby matured into an opportunity for me to glorify the Lord by shooting stills and videos of landscapes, under the Biblical premise that God’s glory and might is seen in all of creation. 
Well, now that my shooting took a forced hiatus (though I thank God because I can still shoot with my iPhone), I am reminded of the fact that there were two other things I appreciated in those shows I tuned in to – beautiful music and scripture reading. Right now, I just say, praise the Lord for the opportunity to get into music (through my guitar), and thank God for His word, which is always a great read regardless of what’s currently happening in my life. 
Today was a good day, and I spend its final hours just thanking God, for while some opportunities are quite far, there are still so many things He leads us to do, because He loves us so very much. 
God bless you. 

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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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