Let us rest in God's lovingkindness and His faithfulness. It is not about your achievements. It is not about what the created can create, it is all about the Creator who is great! It is all about Jesus! It is all about what He did, it is all about what He is doing... We move... Continue Reading →

Sample 87 – Last Week In Pictures

By 'Last Week' I mean September 15 - 21. These pictures were washed and rinsed this afternoon through Snapseed and Mextures; all shot and edited through the iPhone 4.Picnic In BuyaganNot Blooming YetSafe IndoorsConference Call IIElephant In The Distance_________________________ jb.redeemedemail me at jibee@rocketmail.com.  May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make... Continue Reading →

Life Progressive

091413 Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial - a verse I keep going back to. In place of condemnation is a urge to keep going forward, gaining ground, uplifting people, not for my glory, but for the advancement of God's kingdom. What a good and great God we serve. I like life in Christ... Continue Reading →

Road Block 1

Night Shot From The 2nd Floor Of The Prime Hotel. Taken with the iPhone. Lately I've been looking at the fujifilm x100s - it's a 16+ megapixel camera with retro looks and a fixed 23mm f2 lens. I've been checking it out, looking at sample shots online, in Flickr, Instagram, and from review after review.... Continue Reading →

All In All

There was a time that I used to believe that if someone imitated your work, or if someone took the credit for something you did, you will always be capable of eventually doing something better. I had a mindset that there was always going to be something better. If times were tough, I would stay... Continue Reading →

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