Road Block 1

Night Shot From The 2nd Floor Of The Prime Hotel. Taken with the iPhone.
Lately I’ve been looking at the fujifilm x100s – it’s a 16+ megapixel camera with retro looks and a fixed 23mm f2 lens. I’ve been checking it out, looking at sample shots online, in Flickr, Instagram, and from review after review. All this time I’ve been looking at it, again and again, thinking, thinking… Do I need it?

My current camera setup has been compromised to the point that all I have left is my tripod. Everything else, down to the bag – all that is gone, and I suppose I still feel hurt, but on the other hand, I was, in my opinion, long overdue for an upgrade.

I tried upgrading. But the last time I thought I was getting a good deal, I got scammed instead. The cash I withdrew at that time all went to some guy that I’m still praying for.

Now, I withdrew some more money. Thank God for my father and his foresight. However, the thing is I spent it on greater opportunities – that being an engagement ring, among other things which I regret I forgot about.

So here I am, reluctant to take any further from the hard earned money we have, but lacking. I have been found wanting, and even if I have a camera on my iPhone 4, as well as a Sony Cybershot placed in my trust, I still find myself looking at the x100s a lot.

Why is this the case? I’m not about to go forward with buying the x100s… Probably because I’ve spent too much in the name of photography already. I seem to enjoy taking pictures of scenery and landscapes, but at the same time I hate the thought that I’m doing any of this for attention or to have one over anyone else.

And the reason I’m writing all this is just to get my thoughts organized on the matter. Do I really need a camera like the x100s? Should I go back to owning a DSLR? Am I supposed to be content with what I currently have? As I asked myself that last question I almost hear a resounding ‘NO!’

But shouldn’t I be content with it? I haven’t been around to shoot anything of value lately. And it’s not like I have the time to go out and shoot the landscapes I love… Or do I?

Man… Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for wisdom in this matter… I want You to have all the glory in every shot I take, but I don’t know if that’s a path I want to take right now… Thank You for Paola, and my guitar and my family and my relationships… Show me what opportunities I have with what I already have… I know I am blessed in You, Lord, and I thank You for just reminding me of that.

I’m thinking right now that I shouldn’t be too caught up I what I don’t have that I don’t even recognize what I do have. But what is making me look at the x100s again and again? Why am I still bothering to know the latest news in photography?

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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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