Sample 74 – Playing By The Shore

‘Scene At The Beach 032813, Shot One

I miss my camera. But at the same time, I thank God for the inspiration and motivation to just keep on shooting, even with whatever’s on hand.

I was with our men’s fellowship group at the beach yesterday. We cooked and ate and had fellowship. We worshipped and broke bread and shared the Word of God.

I praise God for trials. They really put us in our place – surrendered and depending solely on Jesus. The trials I’ve had as of late were pinning me down in a sense but it also brought me to desire a word, a revelation from the Lord.

Ask, and you shall receive, indeed. I’m posting again, starting off with this shot and this verse. It is true that our God is forever faithful, even when we are unfaithful. The fact that He addresses our problems one by one in such precision adds to my faith in His being an almighty God who really cares for and loves me.

I pray that you see the love of Jesus in your own life. God bless you.

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