At The End Of Route 28

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, it doesn't necessarily imply that the shortest distance is the most ideal distance to cover to get from one point to another. No, sometimes we need to take a few curves and stops in order to truly travel to the next level. Sometimes we... Continue Reading →

Common Denominator

The heat this evening and in the recent days really gets blood moving... I call these days workout days. Days like this you seem to sweat by default.It's something to be thankful for. In everything, there is truly a reason to give God thanks and praise. Like right now I'm assuming the heat we have... Continue Reading →

A Shift In Preference

Somewhere in Proverbs 26 is a verse that keeps kicking me in the nuts: "As a dog returns to its own vomit, so a fool repeats His own folly."These recent days have been trying to my mind and soul. I have lots of reasons to complain. If I devoted time to think of everything I... Continue Reading →

Serving In Silence

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall dwell under the shadow of the Almighty.I will say of the Lord, He is my Rock, my Refuge; He is God, and in Him will I trust.--When we are away from our responsibilities, it is easier to focus.When we are distant from our... Continue Reading →

I Pledge My Allegiance

How true that the Lord's goodness has been made evident in all that has been created, and in all that has been allowed to happen. Indeed, there is only the choice to be made: To believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, or to reject Him.Today is April 11, 2013. Though I have given my life... Continue Reading →

Ascent – Step One

Even at rock bottom, there is always something to thank the Lord for; the choice has been made distinctly clear; do you stay at the bottom or reach up for the Lord to take you up?I thank the Lord because He has won - He is not fighting - He HAS WON the victory for... Continue Reading →

Descent – Let True Light Be Known

I look directly above me to see the deep blue of an approaching evening, and I slowly move down to follow the sun as it descends on the horizon, blue transitioning to a golden yellow. My senses are stirred by the harmony of colors associated to the sunset... but it strikes me even harder now,... Continue Reading →

Descent – My Cry As I Fall

...And that which was made by man faded into absolute oblivion, while that which has been established by the Creator remained, and remained whole and strong.¬†As it was mentioned, so shall it be. Let the words continue to ring, over and over, until all resistance to the God of Israel is gone - in my... Continue Reading →

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