By All Means Necessary – 2012 In Review, Prologue

I’m on a roll.

It’s been more than 9 years since my first blog here in You’d think that I would normally reserve recognition for how long I’ve been doing this for more… ‘Numerically pleasant’ (?!) times, like exactly 10 or 15 years since my first post. Bear with me on this one.

I could have posted on 12/12/12 with the same message. I probably did on a similar day – was that 8/8/8? – just for the heck of it. I suppose some of us who blog feel some sort of need to post during these times, but more than whatever reasons we have, we may want to take these ‘numerically pleasant’ (?!) moments to be thankful.

Now ‘approximately 9 years since’ may not only be vague, but desperate for a filler post, in a cynical point of view. But that’s the thing. If we’re cynical, we probably wouldn’t be blogging and we’d probably be whining and complaining more.

I’m thankful for being able to post today, and for all the moments which led to every post since my very first one so long ago. I’m thankful for the possibility of pushing this to 10 years running.

I’m thankful that in terms of efficiency, it’s possible for me to reach out to more people from more locations in lesser time through this blog.

I’m thankful that the words of Jesus concerning preaching the Gospel (in Matthew 28) are as applicable now as they were when It was first mentioned approximately 2000 years ago.

Thank You, Lord. For everything.

This is probably going to be my end-of-the-year 2012 report. Maybe a precursor to my transition from ’12 to ’13.

God bless you.

Numerically pleasant. Hehe.

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