in The House.

“In a way, we are all like houses, and Jesus Christ is just outside, wanting to come in. He won’t force His way in. We need to let Him in.

Some of us are happy with Him just outside the door – we open the door and ask Him for help every now and then. Some of us don’t want to let Him in because of all the mess we have inside the house, but we need to realize we couldn’t clean it, and Jesus is out

there with an apron and a mop just waiting for you to let Him in to set things straight!

Some of us let Him in but there are some rooms in the house you won’t let Him enter.”

– Michael Jr.

…and that last bit hit me hard. We can’t pick and choose where we allow Jesus Christ to enter and heal. That’s just like His illustration of the old wineskin, all patched up and ultimately still messed up. We need to allow Jesus Christ to take it all.

For some of us this means we need to let go. For some of us this probably means that we need a total renewing of our minds. But as I live and as I see how the Holy Spirit works in me, I can say that no matter how much we think we lose, it’ll all amount to nothing compared to the peace and the power we have in Christ.

It is my sincere prayer for all of us to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. God bless us all.

Shared in יהוה bless you!

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